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The ObjectAccessControls resources represent the Access Control Lists (ACLs) for objects within Google Cloud Storage. ACLs let you specify who has access to your data and to what extent.

There are two roles that can be assigned to an entity:

  • READERs can get an object, though the acl property will not be revealed.
  • OWNERs are READERs, and they can get the acl property, update an object, and call all objectAccessControls methods on the object.
For more information, see Access Control, with the caveat that this API uses READER and OWNER instead of READ and FULL_CONTROL.

For a list of methods for this resource, see the end of this page.

Resource representations

An access-control entry.

  "kind": "storage#objectAccessControl",
  "id": string,
  "selfLink": string,
  "bucket": string,
  "object": string,
  "generation": long,
  "entity": string,
  "role": string,
  "email": string,
  "entityId": string,
  "domain": string,
  "etag": string
Property name Value Description Notes
bucket string The name of the bucket.
domain string The domain associated with the entity, if any.
email string The email address associated with the entity, if any.
entity string The entity holding the permission, in one of the following forms:
  • user-userId
  • user-email
  • group-groupId
  • group-email
  • domain-domain
  • allUsers
  • allAuthenticatedUsers
  • The user would be
  • The group would be
  • To refer to all members of the Google Apps for Business domain, the entity would be
entityId string The ID for the entity, if any.
etag string HTTP 1.1 Entity tag for the access-control entry.
generation long The content generation of the object.
id string The ID of the access-control entry.
kind string The kind of item this is. For object access control entries, this is always storage#objectAccessControl.
object string The name of the object.
role string The access permission for the entity. Can be READER or OWNER. writable


Every object in Google Cloud Storage has an Access Control List. The methods for working with an object's access controls are as follows:

Permanently deletes the ACL entry for the specified entity on the specified object.
Returns the ACL entry for the specified entity on the specified object.
Creates a new ACL entry on the specified object.
Retrieves ACL entries on the specified object.
Updates an ACL entry on the specified object. This method supports patch semantics.
Updates an ACL entry on the specified object.

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