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Getting Started


Google Cloud Storage JSON API is an experimental early public release of a new feature for Google Cloud Storage. Unfortunately, this means that we may make backwards-incompatible changes to Google Cloud Storage JSON API as we prepare for making the feature generally available. We will inform the community when this feature is no longer in preview.

Performance Considerations

The team is still tuning the performance of Google Cloud Storage JSON API. Please don't use Google Cloud Storage JSON API for benchmarking or performance-sensitive applications. The XML API is currently the highest-performance way to interact with Google Cloud Storage.


This API is currently available to everyone. You can activate the API by visiting the Google Developers Console, going to a project's APIs & auth page, and clicking the switch next to the line for Google Cloud Storage JSON API.

Your project can turn on and use Google Cloud Storage JSON API without turning on and using the Google Cloud Storage service. If your project does not use the Google Cloud Storage service, you will be restricted to accessing buckets and objects managed by other projects and their members, provided that your service account (or the user accessing your application) has permission to access those resources.

Learn More

Get started by taking a look at the How-To Guides or the API Reference.

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