API Reference

This API reference is organized by resource type. Each resource type has one or more data representations and one or more methods.


For WebResource Resource details, see the resource representation page.

Method HTTP request Description
URIs relative to https://www.googleapis.com/siteVerification/v1, unless otherwise noted
delete DELETE  /webResource/id Unverifies the user's ownership of a website or domain.
get GET  /webResource/id Retrieves the most current data for a website or domain.
getToken POST  /token Gets a verification token for the authenticated user to place on a website or domain.
insert POST  /webResource?verificationMethod=method Verifies ownership of a website or domain.

Required query parameters: verificationMethod

list GET  /webResource Gets the list of the authenticated user's verified websites and domains.
update PUT  /webResource/id Modifies the list of owners for a website or domain.