Storage Partitioning deprecation trial renewal

As of Chrome 115, storage, service workers, and communication APIs are partitioned in third-party contexts. From Chrome 113 to 126, sites were able to take part in a deprecation trial to temporarily unpartition and restore prior behavior of storage, service workers, and communication APIs.

Beginning in Chrome 125, we have shipped support for non-cookie storage in the Storage Access API, which should address the majority of use cases for unpartitioned storage.

Where those use cases aren't met, it is now possible to request a renewal for the DisableThirdPartyStoragePartitioning deprecation trial for an additional 6 milestones, for users on Chrome 127 to 132 (inclusive).

Eligibility criteria and review process

This deprecation trial renewal requires a review and approval process for participation. Any sites that have previously enrolled in the DisableThirdPartyStoragePartitioning trial will be eligible.

We will apply the following process for registration requests:

  • If a site can provide a deprecation trial token for DisableThirdPartyStoragePartitioning that matches the origin they are requesting a renewal for, the registration request will be approved.
  • Otherwise, the registration request will be rejected.

Apply for the deprecation trial renewal

  • Visit trial for DisableThirdPartyStoragePartitioning2 or navigate to it from the list of active trials on the Chrome origin trials page.
  • Click Register
  • Provide the information required by the form.
  • Acknowledge all conditions included in "Disclosure and Acknowledgement" by checking all boxes.
  • Submit the request. To process your application, we will require additional information.

Submit additional information

Once you've submitted your request, you will receive an email notification with an auto-generated ticket asking for a copy of your previously issued deprecation trial token.

Once submitted, we will review your request and notify you when review is complete or if additional information is needed, and whether your request is approved or denied. You will also receive the status and rationale for the result. If approved, you can proceed to provide the trial token as needed. If denied, you can follow the guidance in the request ticket.

Deploy updated deprecation trial token

As documented before, the token must be given using an HTML <meta> tag (and third-party tokens must be injected using JavaScript from the third-party origin you need to unpartition). The HTTP header method is not supported. The new token must be deployed - it is not sufficient to register and be granted a renewal.

You can learn more about the Storage Access API (and its new extension to non-cookie storage), read documentation, and see a demo. Unpartitioned cookie access has been available using this API since Chrome 119 and unpartitioned access to non-cookie storage was added in Chrome 125.

Share feedback

Submit any feedback or issues you encounter to the Partitioned Storage deprecation trial GitHub repository.