Storage partitioning deprecation trial extended

The deprecation trial will now be available until the release of Chrome 127, scheduled for September 3, 2024.

To prevent certain types of side-channel cross-site tracking, Chrome has partitioned storage and communications APIs in third-party contexts in Chrome 115 and above.

Sites that haven't had time to adapt their sites for third-party storage partitioning can take part in a deprecation trial to temporarily unpartition and restore prior behavior of storage, service workers, and communication APIs in content embedded on their site.

The deprecation trial is available starting in Chrome 115. It was initially scheduled to expire in Chrome version 123, ending on May 2, 2024.

Based on feedback, to give developers more time to adapt to the new implementation of storage partitioning, the storage partitioning deprecation trial has been extended and will be available until the release of Chrome 127, scheduled for July 23, 2024. The deprecation trial will expire for users on Chrome versions 111 to 126 on September 3rd, 2024.

Learn more about how to participate in deprecation trial for unpartitioned third-party storage, Service Workers, and Communication APIs.