Join the Privacy Sandbox Office Hours: Private State Tokens

Private State Tokens (PST) enable trust in a user's authenticity to be conveyed from one context to another, to help sites combat fraud and distinguish bots from real humans—without passive tracking. In this office hours session, join the team to discuss different use cases that might benefit from PST as well as information on how to get up and running with the API. You can also ask questions in advance when you register or chat directly with the team during the session.

How to participate

We are running two separate sessions in English and Portuguese. To register for the office hours, follow the registration links and complete the quick survey. You'll receive an invitation to your calendar with the Google Meet link. On the date and time of the event, access the Google Meet link to join virtually.

Session A: Portuguese

Session B: English

We regularly run office hours sessions based on new Privacy Sandbox features or questions we hear from developers. If you would like to see us run a session on another topic or in a particular language, then let us know by raising an issue in our developer support repo.