Chrome's third-party cookie deprecation trials: grace period extended

To ensure sites have enough time to migrate away from third-party cookie dependencies, Chrome has provided first-party and third-party deprecation trials to temporarily re-enable cookies.

To minimize user friction while sites apply for and deploy tokens for the deprecation trials, Chrome implemented a grace period to temporarily re-enable third-party cookies for sites with reported user-facing breakage. During the grace period, origins registered for a deprecation trial can access third-party cookies in Chrome even if they have not yet deployed trial tokens. The grace period was due to end on April 1; however, Chrome has received feedback that sites and services need additional time to implement their deprecation trial tokens.

The grace period will continue until June 30, 2024 for sites and services needing additional time to deploy their deprecation trial tokens. This extension applies to both the first-party and third-party deprecation trials, covering first-party (top-level site) and third-party (service provider) use cases.

We encourage sites and services to implement deprecation trial tokens as quickly as possible to allow for more fine-tuned testing of third-party cookie deprecation readiness. The grace period and deprecation trials are available for sites and services that meet the eligibility criteria. Participating origins must deploy deprecation trial tokens before the extended grace period expires to preserve access to third-party cookies.

Preserving critical user experiences provides more information about the third-party cookie deprecation trials.