Getting Started

Note: You no longer need to link your developer account to a Google Cloud Console in order to access the Google Play Developer Reporting API.

Before you can start making API calls, you need to set up API access to your Google Play Developer Account. This involves changes in both the Google Play Console and Google Cloud Console. The following instructions explain the four steps needed to start using the Google Play Developer Reporting API:

  1. Create a Google Cloud project.
  2. Enable the Google Play Developer Reporting API for your Google Cloud project.
  3. Set up a service account with appropriate Google Play Console permissions to access the Google Play Developer Reporting API.

Create a Google Cloud project

You can skip this step if you already have a Google Cloud project you want to use.

Setting up a Google Cloud project is required to use the Google Play Developer Reporting API. You can do it in Google Cloud Console.

For further information on Google Cloud projects, refer to Creating and managing projects.

Enable the API

To enable Google Play Developer Reporting API:

  1. Go to the Google Play Developer Reporting API page in Google Cloud Console.
  2. Click Enable.

Configure service accounts

For monitoring scripts and applications, where no human user is in the loop, service accounts are recommended. Service accounts are designed and must be used in a secure environment, such as your server. The service account credentials need to be managed securely so they are not revealed to anyone that is not authorized to use the API.

Create a service account

To create a new service account:

  1. In the Google Cloud Console go to Service Accounts page.
  2. Click Create service account and follow the steps.

Service accounts uniquely identify a Google Cloud project, so there is no need to use API keys.

Grant permissions in the Google Play Console

To allow any of the service accounts access to the Google Play Console data for your apps, they have to be granted access.

  1. Go to the Users & Permissions page on the Google Play Console.
  2. Click Invite new users.
  3. Put an email address for your service account in the email address field and grant the necessary rights to perform actions. It is best to grant the service account the minimal set of permissions needed to call the required API actions.
  4. Click the Invite user button.

Once you complete these steps, you should be able to access the Google Play Developer Reporting API through the service account, using the appropriate API key.


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