C++ Reference: class SharedBoundsManager

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This class manages a pool of lower and upper bounds on a set of variables in a parallel context.

Return type: void

Arguments: int worker_id, std::vector<int>* variables, std::vector<int64>* new_lower_bounds, std::vector<int64>* new_upper_bounds

When called, returns the set of bounds improvements since the last time this method was called by the same worker.


Return type: void

Arguments: const CpModelProto& model_proto, int worker_id, const std::string& worker_name, const std::vector<int>& variables, const std::vector<int64>& new_lower_bounds, const std::vector<int64>& new_upper_bounds

Reports a set of locally improved variable bounds to the shared bounds manager. The manager will compare these bounds changes against its global state, and incorporate the improving ones.


Arguments: int num_workers, const CpModelProto& model_proto