C++ Reference: class VariableWithSameReasonIdentifier

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Boolean linear constraints can propagate a lot of literals at the same time. As a result, all these literals will have exactly the same reason. It is important to take advantage of that during the conflict computation/minimization. On some problem, this can have a huge impact.

TODO(user): With the new SAME_REASON_AS mechanism, this is more general so move out of pb_constraint.

Return type: void

Clears the cache. Call this before each conflict analysis.


Return type: BooleanVariable

Arguments: BooleanVariable var

Returns the first variable with exactly the same reason as 'var' on which this function was called since the last Clear(). Note that if no variable had the same reason, then var is returned.


Return type: void

Arguments: int num_variables


Return type: explicit

Arguments: const Trail& trail