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C++ Reference: class FlowCoverCutHelper

Note: This documentation is automatically generated.


Return type: SingleNodeFlow

Arguments: const LinearConstraint& base_ct, const absl::StrongVector<IntegerVariable, double>& lp_values, IntegerTrail* integer_trail, ImpliedBoundsProcessor* ib_helper

Try to extract a nice SingleNodeFlow relaxation for the given upper bounded linear constraint.


Return type: const LinearConstraint&


Return type: bool

Arguments: const SingleNodeFlow& data

Try to generate a cut for the given single node flow problem. Returns true if a cut was generated. It can be accessed by cut()/mutable_cut().


Return type: const std::string

Single line of text that we append to the cut log line.


Return type: LinearConstraint*

If successful, info about the last generated cut.