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C++ Reference: class PairRelocateOperator

Note: This documentation is automatically generated.

Operator which moves a pair of nodes to another position where the first node of the pair must be before the second node on the same path. Possible neighbors for the path 1 -> A -> B -> 2 -> 3 (where (1, 3) are first and last nodes of the path and can therefore not be moved, and (A, B) is a pair of nodes): 1 -> [A] -> 2 -> [B] -> 3 1 -> 2 -> [A] -> [B] -> 3 The pair can be moved to another path.

Return type: std::string


Return type: bool


Arguments: const std::vector<IntVar*>& vars, const std::vector<IntVar*>& secondary_vars, std::function<int(int64_t)> start_empty_path_class, const RoutingIndexPairs& index_pairs