C++ Reference: class GlobalVehicleBreaksConstraint

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GlobalVehicleBreaksConstraint ensures breaks constraints are enforced on all vehicles in the dimension passed to its constructor. It is intended to be used for dimensions representing time. A break constraint ensures break intervals fit on the route of a vehicle. For a given vehicle, it forces break intervals to be disjoint from visit intervals, where visit intervals start at CumulVar(node) and last for node_visit_transit[node]. Moreover, it ensures that there is enough time between two consecutive nodes of a route to do transit and vehicle breaks, i.e. if Next(nodeA) = nodeB, CumulVar(nodeA) = tA and CumulVar(nodeB) = tB, then SlackVar(nodeA) >= sum_{breaks \subseteq [tA, tB)} duration(break).

Return type: std::string


Return type: explicit

Arguments: const RoutingDimension* dimension


Return type: void


Return type: void