C++ Reference: class CPFeasibilityFilter

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This filter accepts deltas for which the assignment satisfies the constraints of the Solver. This is verified by keeping an internal copy of the assignment with all Next vars and their updated values, and calling RestoreAssignment() on the assignment+delta. TODO(user): Also call the solution finalizer on variables, with the exception of Next Vars (woud fail on large instances). WARNING: In the case of mandatory nodes, when all vehicles are currently being used in the solution but uninserted nodes still remain, this filter will reject the solution, even if the node could be inserted on one of these routes, because all Next vars of vehicle starts are already instantiated. TODO(user): Avoid such false negatives.

Return type: bool

Arguments: const Assignment* delta, const Assignment* deltadelta, int64 objective_min, int64 objective_max


Return type: explicit

Arguments: RoutingModel* routing_model



Return type: std::string


Return type: void

Arguments: const Assignment* delta