C++ Reference: class PathOperator

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Base class of the local search operators dedicated to path modifications (a path is a set of nodes linked together by arcs). This family of neighborhoods supposes they are handling next variables representing the arcs (var[i] represents the node immediately after i on a path). Several services are provided:
   - arc manipulators (SetNext(), ReverseChain(), MoveChain())
   - path inspectors (Next(), Prev(), IsPathEnd())
   - path iterators: operators need a given number of nodes to define a neighbor; this class provides the iteration on a given number of (base) nodes which can be used to define a neighbor (through the BaseNode method)
Subclasses only need to override MakeNeighbor to create neighbors using the services above (no direct manipulation of assignments).

Return type: virtual bool


Return type: int64_t

Arguments: int64_t node

Returns the node after node in the current delta.


Return type: int

Number of next variables.


Return type: int64_t

Arguments: int64_t node

Returns the index of the path to which node belongs in the current delta. Only returns a valid value if path variables are taken into account.


Arguments: const std::vector<IntVar*>& next_vars, const std::vector<IntVar*>& path_vars, int number_of_base_nodes, bool skip_locally_optimal_paths, bool accept_path_end_base, std::function<int(int64_t)> start_empty_path_class

Builds an instance of PathOperator from next and path variables. 'number_of_base_nodes' is the number of nodes needed to define a neighbor. 'start_empty_path_class' is a callback returning an index such that if c1 = start_empty_path_class(StartNode(p1)), c2 = start_empty_path_class(StartNode(p2)), p1 and p2 are path indices, then if c1 == c2, p1 and p2 are equivalent if they are empty. This is used to remove neighborhood symmetries on equivalent empty paths; for instance if a node cannot be moved to an empty path, then all moves moving the same node to equivalent empty paths will be skipped. 'start_empty_path_class' can be nullptr in which case no symmetries will be removed.



Return type: int64_t

Arguments: int64_t node

Returns the node before node in the current delta.


Return type: void


Return type: bool

Arguments: int index

TODO(user): Make the following methods protected.