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C++ Reference: class DecisionBuilder

Note: This documentation is automatically generated.

A DecisionBuilder is responsible for creating the search tree. The important method is Next(), which returns the next decision to execute.

Return type: virtual void

Arguments: ModelVisitor* const visitor


Return type: virtual void

Arguments: Solver* const solver, std::vector<SearchMonitor*>* const extras

This method will be called at the start of the search. It asks the decision builder if it wants to append search monitors to the list of active monitors for this search. Please note there are no checks at this point for duplication.


Return type: std::string




Return type: std::string


Return type: virtual Decision*

Arguments: Solver* const s

This is the main method of the decision builder class. It must return a decision (an instance of the class Decision). If it returns nullptr, this means that the decision builder has finished its work.


Return type: void

Arguments: const std::string& name