Student Process

Every year mentors are a bit confused by the process for students to register so below is the general flow of how the contest works for students.

  1. Students go to the contest site and register for the contest.

  2. During their registration they will need to complete a parental consent form. This can be done online by sending their parent or guardian a link with the form to complete. It can also be done offline by printing, getting signed, scanning, and uploading a paper form to their dashboard.

  3. Once the form is uploaded/submitted, students may claim and begin working on their first task. Forms will be reviewed by Google, and if found to be invalid, the student will be locked out until they upload a valid form.

  4. Student will work on the task, asking questions through the GCI webapp or your org's preferred communication channels.

  5. Student submits the work through the GCI webapp when they are ready. This can either be an uploaded file or a URL pointing to the work. Your choice - but be sure to tell them your preference (if any).

  6. Mentor reviews the work, if the task is complete the mentor marks it as complete. If the task needs more work the mentor will send it back to the student with comments on what the student needs to do differently to successfully complete the task. Mentor may extend the time for the student and give themn an extra few days to complete the task. (Click ADD TIME to do this.) (Go to step 4.)

NOTE: Don’t accept incomplete/bad work. The students need to learn quality is important -- send it back if it is not good enough.