Type alias LiveSharingFailureEventType

Represents that a failure event occurred before, during, or after a live sharing activity.

  • FAILURE_EVENT_UNSPECIFIED: Failure event that's not specified in the predefined types.

  • FAILURE_USER_INSUFFICIENT_TIER: Failure due to the user membership tier not having sufficient privileges. For example, user not having a premium membership for the Live Sharing Application.

  • FAILURE_USER_UNKNOWN: Failure due to user sign-in or a related failure.

  • FAILURE_USER_CANCELLED: Failure due to cancellation of the operation by the user.

  • FAILURE_USER_UNAUTHORIZED: Failure due to the user being in the wrong locale or age group, etc., effectively being an unauthorized user for the live sharing activity.

  • FAILURE_APP_GENERIC_ERROR: Failure due to a generic error with the Live Sharing Application.

  • FAILURE_APP_NETWORK_CONNECTIVITY: Failure due to a network connectivity issue between the Live Sharing Application and its servers.

  • FAILURE_APP_STARTUP: Failure due to an error in starting the Live Sharing Application.


type LiveSharingFailureEventType =