Resource summary for meet.addons.js


Name Description
AddonCallbacks All of the callbacks that add-ons can attach to.
AddonSession The AddonSession interface. Used to interact with Meet.
AddonSessionOptions Parameters to retrieve the add-on session.
CollaborationStartingState Starting state of the add-on when the participant accepts the invitation to collaborate.
FrameToFrameMessage A client-initiated message sent from one add-on frame to another.
MeetAddon The main entry point for accessing Meet Add-on functionality. Available globally under
MeetAddonClient The client object that an add-on uses to communicate with Meet web.
MeetingInfo Information about the meeting in which the add-on is running.
MeetMainStageClient The MeetAddonClient for the main stage component of an add-on.
MeetPlatformInfo Information about the Meet platform in which the add-on is running.
MeetSidePanelClient The MeetAddonClient for the side panel component of an add-on.

Type aliases

Name Description
FrameOpenReason The different reasons why the frame was opened:
FrameType The different places in Meet that the iframed add-on can be running in: