Service type feed

ServiceTypeFeed Definition

message ServiceTypeFeed {
  repeated ServiceType data = 1;

ServiceType Definition

// Info about a service type which is supported on the aggregator's platform.
// E.g. family medicine, mammography A ServiceTypeFeed should be a list of this
// message.
message ServiceType {
  // An opaque string generated by the partner that identifies a service type.
  // Must be unique across all service types.
  // Strongly recommended to only include URL-safe characters. (required)
  string service_type_id = 1;
  // The name, telephone, url and geo are used to support matching partner
  // inventory with merchants already present on Google Maps. This information
  // will not be displayed.
  // The name of the service type to be displayed. (required)
  Text name = 2;
  // The description of the service type. (optional)
  Text description = 3;

Text Definition

// A possibly-localized text payload. Some Text fields may contain marked-up
// content.
message Text {
  // Required. Text value in an unknown locale, which will be displayed if
  // `localized_value` for the user locale is empty or missing. The locale for
  // this value may depend on the partner or service provider, and it should not
  // be assumed to be any specific language.
  string value = 1;

  // Per-locale text values. Required.
  repeated LocalizedString localized_value = 2;