1. Email Guidelines: Who handles communication with a user after a booking is made?

    See our Email Policies.

  2. If a user changes the start time, duration, and/or service on a booking, would these be populated based upon the availability feed? For example, a user can't update their 10:00 AM booking to start at 10:05 AM since there are no open availability slots in the availability feed.

    That is correct.

  3. How is tax shown to users?

    If a tax rate is set, tax is shown seperately from the price and is also included in the total amount shown to the user.

  4. Is there a sandbox environment that partners can see their data and use for testing?

    Yes, the Sandbox environment will be available to you for End to End integration testing. Refer to our end to end testing guide in Sandbox for more information.

  5. Does Reserve with Google support deposits and/or no show fees?

    Not at this time, but this is a feature we hope to add soon.

  6. Does Reserve with Google support mobile merchants that frequently change location or go to the client's location?

    No. Only merchants that offer services at a physical location can use RwG. We do support merchants that have more than one location like hairdressers that work at more than one salon as long as each location has a listing on Google Maps.

  7. Does Reserve with Google support the case where a merchant is in more than one partner's feeds?

    Yes, but only within the Dining and Things-To-Do vertical. For other verticals, a merchant can only be matched once, so we don't support a case where a merchant is in more than one partner's feed. If this happens, the feed that is matched to the merchant first is used.

  8. Are users required to be logged into a Google account in order to book on Reserve with Google?

    Yes, the system requires users to be logged in when they book through Reserve with Google. If a user is not logged in, they are directed to log in before completing the booking.

  9. Can users cancel reservations made on Reserve with Google?

    Yes. They can cancel their reservations either through the confirmation emails they receive or through the Reserve with Google interface. They can also cancel their booking through the partner's system, but the partner needs to use the UpdateBooking API call to let Reserve with Google know about the cancelation.