The Reserve with Google Partner Portal aims to make communication between the Reserve with Google team and Reserve with Google partners seamless and transparent. Using the Partner Portal, representatives designated by partners can see feed information, check inventory counts, and update configurations.

Before you begin

The Partner Portal is only available to partners who have completed Step 3 of the integration.

Assigning access

In your Google Developers Console project, go to the IAM menu. Add members and assign them one of two roles under Reserve Partner:

  • Reserve Partner Reader – Prevents users from making configuration changes

  • Reserve Partner Admin – Allows unlimited access to your information

Troubleshooting tips

  1. Why do I need to assign a user any additional roles? I didn't assign myself any Reserve Partner role and I have access to the Partner Portal.

    This is likely because you are the owner or a viewer of the project.

  2. I submitted a configuration change but I changed my mind? How do I stop the change?

    If it's already succeeded (your configuration page is changed), you can submit another change via the configuration page to undo it. Otherwise, email reserve-partner@google.com to tell us when you made the change, and we can stop it.