The Reserve with Google Partner Dashboard aims to make communication between the Reserve with Google team and Reserve with Google partners seamless and transparent. Using the Partner Dashboard, representatives designated by partners can see feed information, check inventory counts, and see integration health/issues.

Before you begin

The Partner Dashboard is only available to partners who have completed Step 3 of the integration. Note: by default, the dashboard will be enabled for the Google developer email account provided to us as part of Step 1c.

Additional Access

You can add additional individual accounts to the access list for your partner dashboard account using your Google developer email account. However, note that only Google accounts can access the Partner Dashboard.

Log into the Partner Dashboard using your developer email account. At the top right hand corner, click the "Share settings" icon.

Add additional email accounts from your company to provide access to the dashboard.


  1. What happened to the previous Partner Portal?

    We are continously making improvements and the previous partner portal has been shut down given the launch of our new Partner Dashboard that provides more timely and deeper insights into your inventory and integration.

  2. Is this production or development data shown in the Partner Dashboard?

    The Partner Dashboard provides information from our production and partner development environment. The production dashboards are marked with [prod] whereas the partner dev environment is marked with [dev] in the application.