Merchant and service eligibility

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Please read through the following merchants and services eligibility criteria before beginning integration. If you have a specific use case that you think should be evaluated for an exception, please reach out to your Google business development contact.

Merchant eligibility criteria

For a merchant to be eligible for Reserve with Google, they need to meet two main requirements:

Some criteria is industry-specific. For details on supported and unsupported services, see the following:

Supported services

The following services are supported:

  • Appointments
  • Reservations
  • Classes
  • Activities
  • Consults and evaluations
  • Sign-ups and trials

Unsupported services

The following services aren't supported unless functionality is explicitly identified in the vertical specific policy pages:

  • Services that are membership-based, subscription-based, or have recurring billing.

  • Services that require insurance, or have unique legal requirements, such as dentists, healthcare, childcare, or adult entertainment, or regulated goods or services such as medicine.

  • Services that take appointments for law firms or other legal services.

  • Services that are "on demand", "mobile-based", or "in-home" such as mobile haircuts, cleaners, or locksmiths, if the business offering the service is not part of the Google Guaranteed or Google Screened programs.

  • Services that require additional steps in the booking flow, such as the need to fill out a waiver to complete the booking, or contact merchants directly to complete the booking.

  • Services that require custom fields related to the user. This includes any fields beyond first name, last name, email address, and phone number. User addresses can also be requested by businesses that are part of the Google Guaranteed or Google Screened programs.

Supported Wellness and Fitness Services

The following wellness and fitness services are supported:

  • Consults and evaluations
  • Sign-ups and trials
  • Appointments
  • Reservations
  • Classes
  • Activities
  • Retreat center
  • Meditation
  • Reiki

Unsupported wellness and fitness services

The following wellness and fitness services aren't supported:

  • Any service provided by a covered entity or any other entity that handles protected health information, as such terms are defined under the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) (or local legal equivalents)
  • In-home trainers

Supported spa and beauty services

The following spa and beauty services are supported:

  • Consults and evaluations
  • Sign-ups and trials
  • Appointments
  • Reservations
  • Classes
  • Activities
  • Massage
  • Spa
  • Hair removal

Unsupported spa and beauty services

The following spa and beauty services aren't supported:

  • Any service provided by a covered entity or any other entity that handles protected health information, as such terms are defined under the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) (or local legal equivalents)
  • A stylist that comes to your workplace
  • Mobile spa services
  • Services where multiple individuals are operating out of a single shared space (such as booths that they rent)

Supported financial services

The following financial services are supported:

  • Services that are consultative in nature (Eg. "Mortgage consultation")
  • Non transactional oriented services

Unsupported financial services

The following financial services are not supported:

  • Services that have the intention of completing a transaction (Eg. "Open a new account" or "Complete a wire transfer"
  • Services that are stages of a transaction (Eg. "Signing of documentation for a loan")

Access criteria

Even within these approved categories we might block certain merchants. This is most likely for cases where the partner-provided appointment isn't what the user expects. We might hold our approvalon those categories until we have an appropriate method to address the issue.

As we review new merchant categories, we reserve the right to include or exclude them as we deem appropriate. Our goal is to enable as many merchants as possible, if they fit our criteria. Not every merchant fits our criteria.

Supported Countries

The following table lists the countries supported by Reserve with Google. This list is updated periodically, check back here and on our product announcements page to stay up to date.


  • Non-payments’ support include any reservation or booking that does not require payment to complete.
  • Accepting payments’ support indicates that payments may be accepted to reservations for merchants in that country.
Country Country Code Non Payments Accepting Payments1 2
Aland AX Supported Not Currently Supported
Andorra AD Supported Not Currently Supported
Anguilla AI Supported Not Currently Supported
Argentina AR Supported Supported
Aruba AW Supported Not Currently Supported
Australia AU Supported Supported
Austria AT Supported Supported
Bahrain BH Supported Not Currently Supported
Belgium BE Supported Supported
Brazil BR Supported Supported3
British Virgin Islands VG Supported Not Currently Supported
Bulgaria BG Supported Supported
Canada CA Supported4 Supported4
Cayman Islands KY Supported Not Currently Supported
Chile CL Supported Supported
Christmas Island CX Supported Not Currently Supported
Colombia CO Supported Supported
Cook CK Supported Not Currently Supported
Croatia HR Supported Supported
Curaçao CW Supported Not Currently Supported
Czech Republic CZ Supported Supported
Denmark DK Supported Supported
Estonia EE Supported Supported
Falkland FK Supported Not Currently Supported
Faroe Islands FO Supported Not Currently Supported
Finland FI Supported Supported
France FR Supported Supported
French Polynesia PF Supported Not Currently Supported
Germany DE Supported Supported
Gibraltar GI Supported Not Currently Supported
Greece GR Supported Supported
Greenland GL Supported Not Currently Supported
Guam GU Supported Not Currently Supported
Hong Kong HK Supported Supported
Hungary HU Supported Supported
India IN Supported Not Currently Supported
Indonesia ID Supported Supported
Ireland IE Supported Supported
Isle of Man IM Supported Not Currently Supported
Israel(*EN UI only) IL Supported5 Not Currently Supported
Italy IT Supported Supported
Japan JP Supported Supported
Latvia LV Supported Supported
Lithuania LT Supported Supported
Luxembourg LU Supported Supported
Malaysia MY Supported Supported
Malta MT Supported Not Currently Supported
Martinique MQ Supported Not Currently Supported
Mexico MX Supported Supported
Montserrat MS Supported Not Currently Supported
Netherlands NL Supported Supported
New Caledonia NC Supported Not Currently Supported
New Zealand NZ Supported Supported
Niue NU Supported Not Currently Supported
Northern Mariana Islands MP Supported Not Currently Supported
Norway NO Supported Supported
Panama PA Supported Not Currently Supported
Peru PE Supported Not Currently Supported
Philippines PH Supported Supported
Poland PL Supported Supported
Portugal PT Supported Supported
Puerto Rico PR Supported Supported
Russia RU Supported Supported
Saint Helena SH Supported Not Currently Supported
Saint Pierre and Miquelon PM Supported Not Currently Supported
Samoa WS Supported Not Currently Supported
San Marino SM Supported Not Currently Supported
Singapore SG Supported Supported
Sint Marteen SX Supported Not Currently Supported
South Africa ZA Supported Supported
South Korea KR Supported Not Currently Supported
Spain ES Supported Supported
Svalbard SJ Supported Not Currently Supported
Sweden SE Supported Supported
Switzerland CH Supported Supported
Taiwan TW Supported Supported
Thailand TH Supported Supported
Tokelau TK Supported Not Currently Supported
Turkey TR Supported Supported
Turks TC Supported Not Currently Supported
United Arab Emirates (*EN UI only) AE Supported Supported
United Kingdom GB Supported Supported
United States US Supported Supported
Uruguay UY Supported Not Currently Supported
US Virgin Islands VI Supported Supported
Vatican City VA Supported Supported
Vietnam VN Supported Supported
Wallis WF Supported Not Currently Supported

Notes and exceptions

  1. Accepting payments is subject to Reserve with Google’s payment policy.
  2. We recommend you check with the Reserve with Google support team prior to planning to launch payments in a country as there may be country specific requirements.
  3. CDF (Cadastro de Pessoas Físicas) or National Identification payments are not supported in Brazil at this time.
  4. For merchants and services that are operating in Quebec, all text must be localized in both English and French.
  5. For Israel, price must be in local currency (ILS). Item price must be in increments of 0.10 (eg. 50.10, 50.20, 50.30) and not be in other increments (eg. 50.12, 50.22).
  6. Financial Services is only allowed in US and CA.