October 2020 Announcement

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Product Announcement (Action Recommended)

Israel, Malta, Uruguay and Bahrain now supported for non payment integrations

Beauty, Fitness, Dining

Reserve with Google expanded country support to Israel, Malta, Uruguay and Bahrain, specifically for merchants that do not require payment.

Impact: Inventory in Israel, Malta, Uruguay, and Bahrain can now go-live on Reserve with Google.

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Implement by:

  • Uploading any additional inventory in the relevant countries via feeds

Online Services

Beauty, Fitness

Services that are conducted completely virtually for beauty and fitness are now bookable via Reserve with Google.

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If you are interested in implementing, please reach out to your Google business development contact for more information. If you do not know who that is, please file a new case in Partner Portal.

Clarification for Inventory Takedown

All verticals

We have deployed more messaging to notify partners when inventory is taken down. Takedown reasons and descriptions are published more clearly in our policies. Please review them in detail.

Impact: New notifications may be sent to you when inventory is taken down due to the reasons listed in our policies.

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Other Product Announcements

New Inventory View Page

All verticals

A new, enhanced Inventory View page has been rolled out in Partner Portal, which replaces the Matching screen. In this view, partners can see the list of uploaded inventory, apply filters, look at inventory state based on integration type, and inspect Merchants and Service details. The view allows users to better understand the association between Merchants, Services, and Availability.

Impact: Provides a drill down view into partners’ uploaded inventory including clarifying inventory state and identifying potential actions.

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