Searches Knowledge Graph for entities that match the constraints.

HTTP request


Query parameters

Parameter name Type Description
query string A literal string to search for in the Knowledge Graph.
ids string A list of entity IDs to search for in the Knowledge Graph. To specify multiple IDs in the HTTP request, repeat the parameter in the URL as in ...?ids=A&ids=B
languages string The list of language codes (defined in ISO 639) to run the query with, for instance `en`.
types string Restricts returned entities to those of the specified types. For example, you can specify `Person` (as defined in to restrict the results to entities representing people. If multiple types are specified, returned entities will contain one or more of these types.
indent boolean Enables indenting of JSON results.
prefix boolean Enables prefix (initial substring) match against names and aliases of entities. For example, a prefix `Jung` will match entities and aliases such as `Jung`, `Jungle`, and `Jung-ho Kang`.
limit number Limits the number of entities to be returned. Maximum is 500. Default is 20. Requests with high limits have a higher chance of timing out.

Request body

The request body must be empty.

Response body

A response message contains a list of entities, presented in JSON-LD format and compatible with schemas (with limited external extensions).

The following JSON-LD example shows how the response body is structured:

  "@context": {
    "@vocab": "",
    "goog": "",
    "resultScore": "goog:resultScore",
    "detailedDescription": "goog:detailedDescription",
    "EntitySearchResult": "goog:EntitySearchResult",
    "kg": ""
  "@type": "ItemList",
  "itemListElement": [
      "@type": "EntitySearchResult",
      "result": {
        "@id": "kg:/m/0dl567",
        "name": "Taylor Swift",
        "@type": [
        "description": "Singer-songwriter",
        "image": {
          "contentUrl": "",
          "url": "",
          "license": ""
        "detailedDescription": {
          "articleBody": "Taylor Alison Swift is an American singer-songwriter and actress. Raised in Wyomissing, Pennsylvania, she moved to Nashville, Tennessee, at the age of 14 to pursue a career in country music. ",
          "url": "",
          "license": ""
        "url": ""
      "resultScore": 4850

Response fields

Field name Type Description
@id string The canonical URI for the entity.
name string The name of the entity.
@type array The list of supported types that match the entity.
description string A short description of the entity.
image URL An image to help identify the entity.
detailedDescription string A detailed description of the entity.
url URL The official website URL of the entity, if available.
resultScore number An indicator of how well the entity matched the request constraints.

JSON-LD keywords

For JSON-LD keywords such as @context , @vocab, @type, or @id, refer to the JSON-LD spec. compatibility

The response uses the vocabulary hosted at, with limited extensions (for example, resultScore) that are compatible with vocabulary. For more details about these extensions, see List of schema extensions.

For each of the types (such as Person) and properties (such as name) there is a corresponding full URI, as in the following examples:

  • Person ->
  • Thing ->

  • name ->

  • description ->

Types and properties defined as Google schema extensions can be expanded with For example,

  • EntitySearchResult ->
  • detailedDescription ->

The documentation for each type and property is available at the corresponding URI.

List of schema extensions

Schema extensions used in this API are hosted at as external extensions.

The type extension to is:

The property extensions to are: