Google Issue Tracker

About Issue Tracker

Issue Tracker is a tool used internally at Google to track bugs and feature requests during product development. It is available outside of Google for use by external public and partner users who need to collaborate with Google teams on specific projects.

Issue Tracker is not a general purpose issue-tracking tool and is not offered as a consumer product for external teams who want to use it for their own issue tracking. You cannot use this tool as a general place to submit feedback on Google products. Please refer to the documentation for individual products for instructions on providing feedback.

Intended audience

Issue Tracker is intended for two sets of users:

  • Public users of a limited set of approved projects designated by Google
  • Partner users who are collaborating on specific projects with Google

Issue Tracker has access control permissions that govern which users can find, view, create and modify issues for each project. These permissions are specified by Google on a per-project basis. Non-Google users cannot add new projects to Issue Tracker or administer permissions.

Public users

Public users are users and/or developers of specific projects where Google has designated Issue Tracker as the issue tracking tool. Users and developers of projects where Issue Tracker is not the approved tracking tool cannot use it to track their own issues.

Public users can access Issue Tracker at the following URL:

Partner users

Partner users are users from companies or organizations that are collaborating with Google on specific projects that use Issue Tracker.

Partner users should follow the partner specific access instructions and can access Issue Tracker at the following URL:

Terms of Service

Use of Issue Tracker is governed by Google Terms of Service Terms of Service, the Service Specific Terms User Content and Conduct Policy and the Google Privacy Policy.

The Issue Tracker User Content and Conduct Policy details the types of information that are inappropriate for submitting to Issue Tracker which includes things like sensitive personal information and spam. Please do not submit inappropriate content in Issue Tracker. If you have inadvertently submitted inappropriate content, please request removal by filing a support ticket.