Get the Google Sign-In SDK for iOS

The recommended way to include the Google Sign-In SDK in your iOS project is to use CocoaPods, but you can also download the SDK and manually configure your project to use it.

Download the Google Sign-In SDK

Old versions

Add the SDK your Xcode project

  1. Extract the SDK archive you downloaded and copy the following files to your Xcode project:

    • GoogleSignIn.bundle
    • GoogleSignIn.framework
    • GoogleSignInDependencies.framework
  2. Add GoogleSignIn.bundle to your Xcode project's Copy Bundle Resources build phase.

Link the following frameworks to your Xcode project:

  • SafariServices.framework
  • SystemConfiguration.framework

Add the ObjC linker flag to the app target's build settings:

  • Other Linker Flags: $(OTHER_LDFLAGS) -ObjC

Get a configuration file

Click the button below to get a configuration file.

The configuration file provides service-specific information for your app. To get it, you must select an existing project for your app or create a new one. You'll also need to provide a bundle ID for your app.

Get a Configuration File

If you didn't add additional services when you created the configuration file, you don't need to copy it to your project. However, keep the configuration file, because it contains information that you need to set up your Xcode project.

Add a URL scheme to your project

In the Project > Target > Info > URL Types panel, create a new item and paste your REVERSED_CLIENT_ID into the URL Schemes field. You can find your REVERSED_CLIENT_ID in the GoogleService-Info.plist file.

Next steps

Now that you've downloaded the project dependencies and configured your Xcode project, you can follow the guide to add Google Sign-In to your iOS app.