Getting profile information

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After a user signs in with Google, you can get the user's basic profile information: their name, profile image URL, and email address.

Before you begin

Retrieving user information

Once the user has authenticated and authorized access to the scopes you request, you can access user profile information through the GIDGoogleUser object.


GIDSignIn.sharedInstance.signIn(with: signInConfig, presenting: self) { user, error in
    guard error == nil else { return }
    guard let user = user else { return }

    let emailAddress = user.profile?.email

    let fullName = user.profile?.name
    let givenName = user.profile?.givenName
    let familyName = user.profile?.familyName

    let profilePicUrl = user.profile?.imageURL(withDimension: 320)


[GIDSignIn.sharedInstance signInWithConfiguration:signInConfig
                                         callback:^(GIDGoogleUser * _Nullable user,
                                                    NSError * _Nullable error) {
    if (error) { return; }
    if (user == nil) { return; }

    NSString *emailAddress =;

    NSString *name =;
    NSString *givenName = user.profile.givenName;
    NSString *familyName = user.profile.familyName;

    NSURL *profilePic = [user.profile imageURLWithDimension:320];