GoogleSignIn Framework Reference

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@interface GIDSignInButton : UIControl

This class provides the “Sign in with Google” button.

You can instantiate this class programmatically or from a NIB file. You should connect this control to an IBAction, or something similar, that calls signInWithPresentingViewController:completion: on GIDSignIn and add it to your view hierarchy.

  • The layout style for the sign-in button. Possible values:

    • kGIDSignInButtonStyleStandard: 230 x 48 (default)
    • kGIDSignInButtonStyleWide: 312 x 48
    • kGIDSignInButtonStyleIconOnly: 48 x 48 (no text, fixed size)



    @property (nonatomic) GIDSignInButtonStyle style;
  • The color scheme for the sign-in button. Possible values:

    • kGIDSignInButtonColorSchemeDark
    • kGIDSignInButtonColorSchemeLight (default)



    @property (nonatomic) GIDSignInButtonColorScheme colorScheme;