gtag.js Event reference

This table lists the recommended gtag.js events that may be fired using the event command:

gtag('event', '<event_name>', {<event_params>});

where <event_name> is the name of an event and <event_params> is one or more parameter-value pairs. Each pair separated by a comma.

For example:

gtag('event', 'sign_up', { 'method': 'Google' });
gtag('event', 'generate_lead', {
  'value': '2',
  'currency': 'USD',
  'transaction_id': '1234'
Event Name Parameters Send when
add_payment_info a user adds billing information
add_to_cart value, currency, items a user adds items to cart
add_to_wishlist value, currency, items a user adds items to wishlist
begin_checkout value, currency, items, coupon a user begins checkout
checkout_progress value, currency, items, coupon, checkout_step, checkout_option a user completes a checkout step
exception description, fatal an error occurs
generate_lead value, currency, transaction_id
login method a user logs in to the site
page_view a user loads a web page.
purchase transaction_id, value, currency, tax, shipping, items, coupon a user completes a purchase
refund transaction_id, value, currency, tax, shipping, items a product is refunded
remove_from_cart value, currency, items a user removes items from cart
screen_view screen_name a user loads a new screen or new content.
search search_term a user searches on the site
select_content items, promotions, content_type, content_id a user clicks on a product or product link for one or more products
set_checkout_option checkout_step, checkout_option a user has selected an option value for a given checkout step
share method, content_type, content_id a user shares content
sign_up method a user signs up using a Google account, email address, or other method
timing_complete name, value a timed activity completes
view_item items a user views product or item details
view_item_list items a user views a list of items / impressions
view_promotion promotions a user clicks on an internal promotion
view_search_results search_term a user views search results