Note: We are still rolling out some features of G Suite Add-ons. You can start developing new G Suite add-ons, but may be unable to test them until the rollout is complete in early February 2020.

All add-ons now in the G Suite Marketplace

To streamline the add-on discovery experience for users in the G Suite Marketplace, publication of both public and private add-ons to the Chrome Web Store is deprecated. Chrome extensions continue to be presented in the Chrome Web Store and aren't affected by this change.

Add-on developers were notified of this change with instructions to migrate their add-on listing to the G Suite Marketplace. If you've already completed this migration process, no further action is necessary.

If you didn't migrate your add-on listing, read the following to determine what action is required, if any.

  • If your add-on is already present in the G Suite Marketplace, because you published it for domain-wide installation, no further action is required.

  • If you published your add-on only on the Chrome Web Store, email to check if it's still possible to migrate your add-on to the G Suite Marketplace.

For future add-ons, use the G Suite Marketplace publishing process.