GTAC 2015: Committee

Alan Myrvold, Test Engineer (Kirkland, WA)

Alan is currently a test engineer on the Google Cloud team. Previously, he helped test Google advertising platform products, including Google Display Network Ad Planner and DoubleClick Bid Manager. Prior to joining Google in 2011, Alan worked at Microsoft, Entrust and Cognos, focusing on security, automation and performance testing. His personal opinions on testing can be found at Alan earned a bachelor's and master's in mathematics (statistics) from the University of Waterloo.

Amar Amte, Test TPM, Apps & Product Infra (Mountain View, CA),

Amar is currently a Test TPM on Apps & Product Infra. Previously Amar worked as a Test TPM for Google Social team. Prior to joining Google, Amar worked as Test Engineering Manager @ Yahoo & Kohl's and focused on building Test & Release processes along with building test automation Frameworks. Amar earned Masters Degree in Computer Science & Maths. Amar's focus is on improving the Test & Release culture @Google.

Ankit Mehta, Test Lead and Director (Mountain View, CA)

Ankit joined Google in Dec 2003 lured by free food and an opportunity to play a role in how Testing evolves @ Google. Over the 10+ year career at Google he has worked in many product areas and currently leads test various efforts at Google; which consists of projects like Google+, Photos, Hangouts, Blogger, News, etc. Ankit is particularly interested in pushing the limits on the balance between velocity and quality.

Anthony Vallone, Staff Software Engineer, Tools and Infrastructure (Seattle, WA), Personal Site

Anthony joined Google in 2009 and has worked on various projects in Cloud Platforms (focus on Google Cloud Storage), Infrastructure (focus on Chubby), and Google Chrome. Most recently, he is working on a new, advanced performance testing framework that will eventually be open-sourced. He designs/builds test automation frameworks and leads teams doing the same. He uses 20% time for technical writing by creating documentation for cloud products and leading the Google Testing Blog.

Before Google, Anthony worked as a software engineer in scientific computing at Lockheed Martin and financial computing at the Philadelphia Stock Exchange. He has a BS in Physics (dual minors in Mathematics and Computer Science) from Drexel University (Philadelphia, PA). Anthony enjoys playing guitar, renovating old homes, finding treasures in thrift stores, vegetarian cooking, gardening, biking, and drinking cheap red wine with friends.

Ari Shamash, Troublemaker (New York, NY)

Based in New York, Ari Shamash is part of the Test Engineering group at Google, focused on building developer productivity and quality automation tools for Ads, where he passionately works on improving product quality through better, faster, more complete, and more automated testing. Prior to joining Google in 2010, Ari spent 11 years at Sun Microsystems, in the Java, Utility Computing / Cloud, and Developer Tools arenas. Prior to Sun, Ari was involved in a couple of startups in the NYC area. Ari was granted an undergraduate and graduate degree in Computer Science from Columbia University, with a focus on User Interface Design for Mobile Computers.

Brian Vance, Tech Lead & Manager (Kirkland, WA)

Brian Vance joined Google in 2007 and has worked on Google-wide test infrastructure projects, Google Compute Engine, and multiple Display Ads projects. He currently leads database test teams for Spanner, Dremel, & BigQuery, building test tools and frameworks. Brian is passionate about improving engineering productivity through automation, tools, and cross-team collaboration.

Dan Giovannelli, Software Engineer, Tools and Infrastructure (New York, NY)

Dan Giovannelli is a Software Engineer, Tools and Infrastructure at Google, where he focuses on building test tooling for display ads. He's been a Googler for two years, and prior to that worked in a Philadelphia-area lab studying the cognitive neuroscience of autism. His particular area of expertise is iOS, where he enjoys digging in to the minutiae of the platform and complaining loudly about some of Objective-C's more bizarre edges. When he isn't doing that (though seriously, four slightly different values for NULL? I mean, really?) he likes cooking, playing bass (poorly), brewing beer, and exploring Brooklyn.

David Aristizabal, Software Engineer, Tools and Infrastructure (New York, NY)

David joined Google in 2011 and works on Display Ads as a Software Engineer in Test (SET), developing automation frameworks for testing mobile ads. Prior to Google, David was a Principal Test Engineer at Microchip Technology where he worked on test automation for PIC Microcontrollers. He has a bachelor's degree in Computer Engineering from McGill University, Montreal. David enjoys mentoring students who participate in FIRST Robotics Competitions, snowboarding and macro photography.

Madison Garcia, Software Engineer, Tools and Infrastructure (New York, NY)

Madison joined Google in 2014 and works as a Software Engineer, Tools and Infrastructure (SETI) in Display Ads, developing automation frameworks for testing mobile ads. She has a BA in Computer Science and Linguistics from Swarthmore College. In her free time, she enjoys cooking, reading and swing dancing.

Mark Russell, Software Engineer, Tools and Infrastructure (Pittsburgh, PA)

Mark is currently a Software Engineer in Tools and Infrastructure for the Google Shopping Product Reviews team. Previously, he helped test Shopping Catalog and Google Express mobile tools. He has almost 30 years of experience in software development and testing. Prior to joining Google in 2010, Mark worked at Instantiations(an Eclipse plugin startup), PNC Bank, RPS, and USAir. His primary focus has been on release tools and testing automation. Mark earned a bachelor's in Computer Science from Indiana University of Pennsylvania.

Matthew Halupka, Software Engineer, Tools and Infrastructure (New York, NY)

Matthew joined Google in 2013 as a Software Engineer in Tools and Infrastructure working in Display Ads. Today, he still works in Display Ads with a focus on integration testing for reporting systems. Prior to Google he worked for a small Department of Defense contractor as a Systems Engineer where he developed signal translation systems. He has a BS in Mathematics and Computer Science from Rutgers University and when not at work can usually be found in a Chipotle enjoying a burrito bowl.

Matt Lowrie, Test Engineer (Boulder, CO)

Matt originally joined Google in 2006 as a Test Engineer for Google SketchUp in the Boulder, CO office. Currently he works as a Test Engineer for Google Now on Android. He graduated from Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo with a BFA in Art and Design. For fun, Matt plays guitar and drums for The Variables, the Boulder office in-house band.

Michaela Cano, Test Engineer (Cambridge, MA)

Michaela joined Google in 2011 and is a Test Engineer for Google Visualization and Keep Drawings. She is very passionate about delivering defect-free products to consumers, including Accessibility options, and making testing more productive through maintaining test database, diff images, automation, and collaboration with teams. Prior to Google she was a QA at ITA testing Travel software and facilitating courses for companies using the software. She also worked at Apollo/Galileo GDS as a Conversion Manager. Her passion for teaching enables her to facilitate different courses for Googlers as well. Michaela is also a lead volunteer teaching seniors computer and internet skills at Cambridge television.

Michael Klepikov, Tech Lead & Manager (Cambridge, MA)

Michael joined Google in 2008 and works on performance and latency test infrastructure for web and mobile apps, including open source and Google Cloud Test Lab. Prior to Google, he worked at PTC on large scale enterprise design data management solutions. His MS in CS is from Moscow State University. He enjoys travel, skiing, climbing, and old movies.

Murat Ozturk, Software Engineer, Tools and Infrastructure (London, UK),

Murat started his Google career in Kirkland office in 2010. Since then, he has been working on different projects in Display Ads stack for improving the quality and productivity. Since 2014, he has been leading the Ads Engineering Productivity teams in Google London office. Prior to Google, Murat worked on various companies as software engineer including Microsoft and Boeing. Murat is granted undergraduate and masters degrees in Computer Science from Middle East Technical University in Turkey.

Sonal Shah, Tech Lead & Manager (New York, NY)

Sonal joined Google in March 2008. Since then she has been part of various Display Ads teams in New York and is currently engaged with DoubleClick Ad Exchange. Prior to joining Google, Sonal spent 7 years at various internet advertising companies including DoubleClick, writing test automation and building testing frameworks. At Google, Sonal leads teams that build Google wide test infrastructure for Java frontends and real time auction based ad serving backends. Sonal has a BE in Electronics and Telecommunications from University of Pune, India and loves spending time playing tennis and freezing moments in time with her camera.

Yvette Nameth, Test Engineer (Seattle, WA)

Yvette Nameth is a Test Engineer / Manager in the Google Seattle office working on Google Maps. Since joining Google in 2007, Yvette has also contributed to AdWords, internal testing tools and Google for Education. Prior to Google, Yvette was a Software Engineer at Amazon and a Computer Science teacher at an all-girls high school. She’s a graduate of Dartmouth College with a BA in Computer Science.