Using Analytics

Note: There's a new Google Apps Marketplace experience! Beginning November 19, 2013, new listings may only be created using the new version: existing developers may need to create a new Chrome Web Store account to publish new listings. Refer to the new documentation for more information.

Installing Analytics on Marketplace Listings

You can install Google Analytics code on your Marketplace listing pages. Simply add your Analytics Tracking ID in the Google Analytics box on the Listing Information page in your Marketplace Listing.

To find your tracking code, see the Analytics Help article Where can I find my tracking code from within my Google Analytics account?

Using utm codes to track traffic source and mediums

If choose to promote your listing through blogs, email announcments, advertisements or other methods, can track the success of your marketing efforts through Analytics by installing a UTM code at the end of each link you want to track.

Here is an example UTM code


Substitute "CAMPAIGNNAME", "MEDIUMNAME", and "SOURCENAME" with the values used in your Analytics campaign.

One example use of a UTM code is the "Add to Apps" button, which we teach you to code and track here.

Track the performance of certain campaigns similar to how you would in the "Add to Apps" page. Just check all traffic, and drill down based on medium or source.

Viewing Analytics data for your listing page

From your Google Analytics account, do the following to view your Analytics data:

  1. Click Content in the left nav.
  2. Click Content by Title.
  3. Search for your Marketplace app listing page in the "Filter Page Title" box.

See the screenshot below:

Click on the screenshot for a larger version.