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Google Apps Platform

Millions upon millions of Google Apps users.
Millions upon millions of people your app can reach.
  • Build on top of Google Apps

    With Apps Script, you can build add-ons for Sheets, Docs, or Forms, automate workflows, and talk to other APIs.
    Apps ScriptAdd-ons
  • Back up your users' stuff

    The Drive API lets you sync data from your app with your user's Google Drive account, so it's available everywhere.
  • Integrate with users' Google accounts

    Our REST APIs let your app work with users' mail, calendars, contacts, and other data.
    Gmail APICalendar APIContacts APITasks API
  • Automate administration

    Admin-only REST APIs to control—or run reports on—groups, users, devices, settings, and more.
    Admin SDKDirectory APIReports API

Make Google Apps your own markup in Gmail

Use markup to create interactive cards and buttons in Gmail. Emails with markup appear in Google Search results when users look for tickets, flights, and events. Your markup will also help Google Now bring users the right information at just the right time.

Sheets, Docs, and Forms add-ons

Add-ons are small apps that run inside Google Sheets, Docs, and Forms. After you write an add-on with Apps Script — a server-side JavaScript platform — you can publish it to our store for millions of Google Apps users (or just the users in your domain) to find and install.

Custom functions for Sheets

Google Sheets offers hundreds of built-in functions like AVERAGE, SUM, and VLOOKUP. When these aren’t enough for your needs, you can create your own custom function — say, to convert meters to miles — then use it in your spreadsheet just like a built-in function.

Make your own apps

Realtime collaboration like Docs

Use the Realtime API to give your users the power of Google Docs-style collaboration. All JavaScript. No server. No sweat.

Your web app in Google Drive

If your web app lets users edit files, integrate with us so that users can open files straight from Google Drive. Our store is a great place to get discovered.

Web apps built with Apps Script

Compose backend JavaScript code right in your browser, then pair it with client-side HTML, CSS, and JS and deploy it on our servers. All free.

Drive farther further

Save to Drive button

When you put a Save to Drive button on your website, users can save files from your server straight to their Drive accounts. It's as simple as the +1 button for Google+: just pull in our JavaScript and add 1 line of HTML.

APIs for Android and iOS

With Drive now part of Android and available in our client library for iOS, integrating Drive into your mobile app has never been easier. Simply read and write files and we’ll handle the details, including sync and offline support.

Google Picker

Google Picker is a "file-open" dialog for information stored in Google servers, including Google Drive, Google Image Search, Google Video Search, and more. Use our JavaScript in your web app to let users select their files or upload new ones.

REST APIs for beloved Google Apps

  • Apps Activity API

    Track changes to a user's Google Drive files, including new comments and other activity.
  • Gmail API

    Read messages from Gmail, send email, modify the labels applied to messages and thread, and search through existing mail.
  • Calendar API

    Create new events in a user's Google Calendar, edit or delete existing events, and search for events.
  • Sheets API

    Work with Google Sheets files. Apps Script's Spreadsheets service is more powerful, but cannot be accessed as a RESTful web API.
  • Contacts API

    Work with a user's Google Contacts data to add new entries, edit or delete existing contacts, and query for particular criteria.
  • Sites API

    Create or copy Google Sites, work with pages, templates, and comments, upload and download attachments, and more!
  • Drive API

    Interact with nearly any aspect of a user's Google Drive, including permissions, file revisions, and connected apps.
  • Tasks API

    Manage a user's Google Tasks list, which can be seen in Gmail, Google Calendar, and elsewhere.

Salvation for domain admins

  • Google Apps Marketplace

    Enterprise applications that can be added to a Google Apps domain. Developers can publish apps to the marketplace for domain admins to discover and install.
  • Email Migration API

    Move emails from legacy systems like Microsoft Exchange, Microsoft Outlook, or Lotus Notes into Google Apps accounts.
  • Admin SDK

    A suite of tools and APIs to help admins migrate to Google Apps, create custom usage reports, and manage users, groups, and devices.
  • Email Settings API

    Manage user-level email account settings, including most of the options shown in a user's mail settings screen.
  • Admin Settings API

    Manage the settings for Google Apps domains, including most of the features offered in the Google Apps Admin console.
  • Enterprise License Manager API

    Assign, update, retrieve, and delete user licenses for Google Apps, including Google Apps Vault, Google Maps Coordinate, and extra Google Drive storage.
  • Calendar Resource API

    Work with Google Calendar resources other than users, like conference rooms, projectors, or company vehicles.
  • Groups Migration API

    Move emails from public folders and distribution lists for legacy email systems into Google Groups discussion archives.
  • Directory API

    Our most popular admin API! Manage mobile and Chrome OS devices, groups, group aliases, members, organization units, users, and user aliases.
  • Groups Settings API

    Manage settings for Google Groups, including notifications, archives, moderation, and access for internal and external users.
  • Domain Shared Contacts API

    Manage external contacts that are shared with all users in the domain. For internal contacts, use the Directory API instead.
  • Reports API

    Create usage reports like sign-in frequency or user activities in specific Google Apps, like the admin console and Google Docs.
  • Email Audit API

    Audit email, email drafts, and archived chats for users within the domain, retrieve account login information, and download users' mailboxes.
  • Reseller API

    For a domain managed by a Google Apps reseller, place orders for features or users and coordinate monthly post-pay subscriptions.