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GData JavaScript Client Library

Class Summary
google.accounts.user Class representing state of an authenticated user session.
google.gdata.acl.AclEntry Describes an entry in a feed of an access control list (ACL).
google.gdata.acl.AclFeed Describes a feed of an access control list (ACL).
google.gdata.acl.AclKind Describes an access control list kind.
google.gdata.acl.AclRole Describes the role of an entry in an access control list.
google.gdata.acl.AclScope Describes the scope of an entry in an access control list.
google.gdata.acl.Link Extends the base Link class with ACL extensions.
google.gdata.AdditionalName Person's additional (often: middle) name.
google.gdata.Agent Used in work addresses. Entry element for account feed. Feed element in account feed. Describes a query for the feed of accounts and profiles to which a given user has access. Describes an aggregates. Google Analytics Data Export API service. Entry element for data feed. Feed element in data feed. Describes a query for the arbitrary data from an Analytics profile. Describes a data source. Dimension value. Last day for which to retrieve data. Metric value. Generic account-level property. First day for which to retrieve data. Identifier to be used in ids query string parameter. Describes a table name. Specifies a type of representation that can be POSTed to a Collection. Value of the app:categories tag. Describes a Collection. Describes an Atom publication control status. Value of the app:draft tag. Value of the app:edited tag. Container for service information. Server-defined groups of Collections.
google.gdata.atom.Category Describes a category.
google.gdata.atom.Email Describes an author's email address.
google.gdata.atom.Entry Describes the base class for a GData entry.
google.gdata.atom.Feed Describes the base class for a GData feed.
google.gdata.atom.Generator Describes the generator.
google.gdata.atom.Id Describes a unique identifier.
google.gdata.atom.Link Describes an external link type.
google.gdata.atom.Logo Describes log for the feed publisher.
google.gdata.atom.Name Describes an author's human-readable name.
google.gdata.atom.Person Describes a person construct used for authors and contributors.
google.gdata.atom.Published Describes a creation timestamp.
google.gdata.atom.Text Describes a text construct containing either plain text, HTML, or XHTML.
google.gdata.atom.Updated Describes a last updated timestamp.
google.gdata.atom.Uri Describes the URI associated with an author.
google.gdata.AttendeeStatus Describes the status of an event attendee.
google.gdata.AttendeeType Describes the type of an event attendee.
google.gdata.blogger.BlogCommentFeed Describes a feed of an entire blog's comments.
google.gdata.blogger.BlogCommentQuery Describes a query for the feed of a blog's comments.
google.gdata.blogger.BlogEntry Describes a blog entry in the feed of a user's blogs.
google.gdata.blogger.BlogFeed Describes a feed of a user's blogs.
google.gdata.blogger.BloggerLink Extends the base Link class with Blogger extensions.
google.gdata.blogger.BloggerService Blogger Data API service.
google.gdata.blogger.BlogPostFeed Describes a feed of a blog's posts.
google.gdata.blogger.BlogPostQuery Describes a query for the feed of a blog's posts.
google.gdata.blogger.BlogQuery Describes a query for the feed of a user's blogs.
google.gdata.blogger.CommentEntry Describes an entry for a comment on a post.
google.gdata.blogger.PostCommentFeed Describes a feed of a blog post's comments.
google.gdata.blogger.PostCommentQuery Describes a query for the feed of a blog post's comments.
google.gdata.blogger.PostEntry Describes a blog post entry.
google.gdata.calendar.AccessLevelProperty Describes how much a given user may do with an event or calendar.
google.gdata.calendar.AnyoneCanAddSelfProperty Whether anyone can add self as attendee.
google.gdata.calendar.CalendarAclEntry Describes an entry in a feed of a Calendar access control list (ACL).
google.gdata.calendar.CalendarAclFeed Describes a Calendar access contorl list (ACL) feed.
google.gdata.calendar.CalendarAclRole Describes the Calendar roles of an entry in the Calendar access control list.
google.gdata.calendar.CalendarCommentEntry Describes an entry in a feed of a Calendar event's comments.
google.gdata.calendar.CalendarCommentFeed Describes feed of a Calendar event's comments.
google.gdata.calendar.CalendarCommentQuery Describes a query for the feed of a calendar event's comments.
google.gdata.calendar.CalendarComments Describes a container of a feed link for Calendar comment entries.
google.gdata.calendar.CalendarCommentsFeedLink Describes a nested Calendar comments feed link.
google.gdata.calendar.CalendarEntry Describes a Calendar entry in the feed of a user's calendars.
google.gdata.calendar.CalendarEventEntry Describes a Calendar event entry.
google.gdata.calendar.CalendarEventFeed Describes a Calendar event feed.
google.gdata.calendar.CalendarEventQuery Describes a query for the feed of a calendar's events.
google.gdata.calendar.CalendarExtendedProperty Defines a value for the realm attribute that is used only in the calendar API.
google.gdata.calendar.CalendarFeed Describes a feed of Calendars.
google.gdata.calendar.CalendarLink Extends the base Link class with Calendar extensions.
google.gdata.calendar.CalendarMetaKind Describes a calendar meta kind.
google.gdata.calendar.CalendarRecurrenceException Describes an exception to a recurring Calendar event.
google.gdata.calendar.CalendarRecurrenceExceptionEntry Describes an entry used by a Calendar recurrence exception entry link.
google.gdata.calendar.CalendarRecurrenceExceptionEntryLink Describes an entry link used by a Calendar recurrence exception.
google.gdata.calendar.CalendarService Google Calendar Data API service.
google.gdata.calendar.CalendarSettingsFeed Personal settings for Calendar application.
google.gdata.calendar.ColorProperty Describes the color of a calendar.
google.gdata.calendar.EventFeedLink Describes an event feed link.
google.gdata.calendar.EventWho Extends the base Who class with Calendar extensions.
google.gdata.calendar.GuestsCanInviteOthersProperty Whether guests can invite others to the event.
google.gdata.calendar.GuestsCanModifyProperty Whether guests can modify event.
google.gdata.calendar.GuestsCanSeeGuestsProperty Whether guests can see other attendees.
google.gdata.calendar.HiddenProperty Describes whether a calendar is hidden.
google.gdata.calendar.IcalUIDProperty Describes the UID in the ical export of the event.
google.gdata.calendar.OverrideNameProperty Describes the override name property of a calendar.
google.gdata.calendar.PrivateCopyProperty Indicates whether this is a private copy of the event, changes to which should not be sent to other calendars.
google.gdata.calendar.QuickAddProperty Describes whether gd:content is for quick-add processing.
google.gdata.calendar.ResourceProperty Describes whether gd:who is a resource such as a conference room.
google.gdata.calendar.SelectedProperty Describes whether a calendar is selected.
google.gdata.calendar.SendAclNotificationsProperty Describes whether to send ACL notifications to grantees.
google.gdata.calendar.SendEventNotificationsProperty Describes whether to send event notifications to other participants of the event.
google.gdata.calendar.SequenceNumberProperty Describes sequence number of an event.
google.gdata.calendar.SettingsEntry Describes a Calendar Settings property entry.
google.gdata.calendar.SettingsKind Describes a settings kind.
google.gdata.calendar.SettingsProperty User preference name-value pair.
google.gdata.calendar.SuppressReplyNotificationsProperty Lists notification methods to be suppressed for this reply.
google.gdata.calendar.SyncEventProperty Describes whether this is a sync scenario where the Ical UID and Sequence number are honored during inserts and updates.
google.gdata.calendar.TimesCleanedProperty Describes how many times calendar was cleaned via Manage Calendars.
google.gdata.calendar.TimeZoneProperty Describes the time zone of a calendar.
google.gdata.calendar.WebContent Describes a "web content" extension.
google.gdata.calendar.WebContentGadgetPref Describes a single web content gadget preference.
google.gdata.City Can be city, village, town, borough, etc.
google.gdata.client.GoogleService GData Service.
google.gdata.client.Query Query.
google.gdata.client.Service Atom service.
google.gdata.Comments Describes a container of a feed link for comment entries.
google.gdata.contacts.BillingInformation Contact's billing information.
google.gdata.contacts.Birthday Contact's birth date.
google.gdata.contacts.CalendarLink Contact related calendar link.
google.gdata.contacts.ContactEntry Describes a contact entry.
google.gdata.contacts.ContactFeed Describes a contact feed.
google.gdata.contacts.ContactGroupEntry Describes a contact group entry.
google.gdata.contacts.ContactGroupFeed Describes a contact group feed.
google.gdata.contacts.ContactGroupKind Describes a contact group kind.
google.gdata.contacts.ContactKind Describes a contact kind.
google.gdata.contacts.ContactLink Extends the base Link class with contact extensions.
google.gdata.contacts.ContactQuery Describes a query for the following feeds:
  • The feed of contacts
  • The feed of contact groups
google.gdata.contacts.ContactsService Google Contacts Data API service.
google.gdata.contacts.DirectoryServer Contact's directory server.
google.gdata.contacts.Event Contact's events.
google.gdata.contacts.ExternalId Contact's external id field.
google.gdata.contacts.Gender Contact's gender.
google.gdata.contacts.GroupMembershipInfo Denotes contact's group membership.
google.gdata.contacts.Hobby Contact's hobby.
google.gdata.contacts.Initials Contact's initials.
google.gdata.contacts.Jot Contact's jot.
google.gdata.contacts.Language Contact's language field.
google.gdata.contacts.MaidenName Contact's maiden name.
google.gdata.contacts.Mileage Contact's mileage.
google.gdata.contacts.Nickname Contact's nickname.
google.gdata.contacts.Occupation Contact's hobby.
google.gdata.contacts.Priority Contact's priority.
google.gdata.contacts.ProfileKind Describes a profile kind.
google.gdata.contacts.ProfileQuery Describes a query for the feed of profiles.
google.gdata.contacts.Relation Contact's relation.
google.gdata.contacts.Sensitivity Contact's sensitivity.
google.gdata.contacts.ShortName Contact's short name.
google.gdata.contacts.Subject Contact's subject.
google.gdata.contacts.SystemGroup Element that if present marks that a group is a system one.
google.gdata.contacts.UserDefinedField Contact's user defined field.
google.gdata.contacts.Website Contact related website.
google.gdata.Country The country name.
google.gdata.CustomProperty Name-value pair with optional type and unit.
google.gdata.DateTime Represents a timestamp that is either a calendar date or a more specific time with millisecond precision.
google.gdata.Deleted Denotes an entry has been deleted.
google.gdata.Email Describes an email address.
google.gdata.Entry Describes a Google Data API Entry.
google.gdata.EntryLink Describes a nested entry link.
google.gdata.EventEntry Describes an event entry.
google.gdata.EventFeed Describes an event feed.
google.gdata.EventKind Describes an event kind.
google.gdata.EventStatus Describes the base set of values for event status.
google.gdata.ExtendedProperty Stores a limited amount of custom data as an auxiliary property of the enclosing entity.
google.gdata.FamilyName Person's family name.
google.gdata.Feed Describes a feed for the Google Data API.
google.gdata.FeedLink Describes a nested feed link. Commission for the transaction. Cost basis for the portfolio or position. Today's gain for the portfolio or position. Google Finance Portfolio Data API service. Total gain for the portfolio or position. Market value for the portfolio or position. Data for the portfolio. Describes an entry in a feed of Finance portfolios. Describes a Finance portfolio feed. Describes a portfolio feed link. Describes a portfolio kind. Describes a query for the feed of all the user's portfolios. Data for the position. Describes an entry in a feed of Finance positions. Describes a Finance position feed. Describes a position feed link. Describes a position kind. Describes a query for the feed of all the positions belonging to the portfolio. Price of the transaction. Stock symbol for the company. Data for the transction. Describes an entry in a feed of Finance transactions. Describes a Finance transaction feed. Describes a transaction kind.
google.gdata.FormattedAddress User-formatted, full address.
google.gdata.FullName Person's full, formatted name.
google.gdata.gbase.Attribute Describes an arbitrary attribute in a Google Base item.
google.gdata.gbase.AttributesEntry Describes an entry in the feed of public attributes.
google.gdata.gbase.AttributesFeed Describes a feed of public attributes.
google.gdata.gbase.AttributesQuery Describes a query for the feed of public attributes.
google.gdata.gbase.GmAttribute Describes a list of attribute for an item type.
google.gdata.gbase.GmAttributes Describes a gm attributes.
google.gdata.gbase.GmItemType The item type for an entry.
google.gdata.gbase.GmValue Describes a gm value.
google.gdata.gbase.GoogleBaseService Google Base Data API service.
google.gdata.gbase.ItemAppControl Describes an item app control.
google.gdata.gbase.ItemDisapproved Describes an item disapproved.
google.gdata.gbase.ItemPublishingPriority Describes an item publishing priority.
google.gdata.gbase.ItemsEntry Describes an entry in the feed of a user's private items.
google.gdata.gbase.ItemsFeed Describes a feed of a user's private items.
google.gdata.gbase.ItemsQuery Describes a query for the feed of a user's private items.
google.gdata.gbase.ItemTypesEntry Describes an entry in the feed of public item types.
google.gdata.gbase.ItemTypesFeed Describes a feed of public item types.
google.gdata.gbase.ItemTypesQuery Describes a query for the feed of public item types.
google.gdata.gbase.LocalesEntry Describes an entry in the feed of locales.
google.gdata.gbase.LocalesFeed Describes a feed of locales.
google.gdata.gbase.LocalesQuery Describes a query for the feed of locales.
google.gdata.gbase.MediaEntry Describes an entry in the media feed used for managing the media attachments for one Google Base Item.
google.gdata.gbase.MediaFeed Describes a media feed used for managing the media attachments for one Google Base Item.
google.gdata.gbase.SnippetsEntry Describes an entry in the feed of snippets of public items.
google.gdata.gbase.SnippetsFeed Describes a feed of snippets of public items.
google.gdata.gbase.SnippetsQuery Describes a query for the feed of snippets of public items.
google.gdata.geo.GeoLat Describes a W3C latitude.
google.gdata.geo.GeoLong Describes a W3C longitude.
google.gdata.geo.GeoRssBox Describes a geographical region.
google.gdata.geo.GeoRssPoint Describes a geographical location.
google.gdata.geo.GeoRssWhere Describes a geographical location or region.
google.gdata.geo.GmlEnvelope Describes a Gml geographical region.
google.gdata.geo.GmlLowerCorner Describes a lower corner of a region.
google.gdata.geo.GmlPoint Describes a particular geographical point.
google.gdata.geo.GmlPos Describes a latitude and longitude.
google.gdata.geo.GmlUpperCorner Describes an upper corner of a region.
google.gdata.geo.W3CPoint Describes a W3C geographical location.
google.gdata.GeoPt GData schema extension describing a geographic location.
google.gdata.GivenName Person's given name.
google.gdata.HouseName Used in places where houses or buildings have names.
google.gdata.Im Describes an instant messaging address.
google.gdata.Kind Describes a kind.
google.gdata.LastViewed The time the object was last viewed.
google.gdata.Link Extends the base Link class with GData extensions.
google.gdata.maps.FeatureCategory Describes a feature category.
google.gdata.maps.FeatureEntry Describes a feature entry.
google.gdata.maps.FeatureFeed Describes a feature feed.
google.gdata.maps.FeatureQuery Describes a query for the feed of map features.
google.gdata.maps.KmlContent KML feature data.
google.gdata.maps.MapCategory Describes a map category.
google.gdata.maps.MapEntry Describes a map entry.
google.gdata.maps.MapFeed Describes a map feed.
google.gdata.maps.MapQuery Describes a query for the feed of user-created maps.
google.gdata.maps.MapsService Google Maps Data API service.
google.gdata.maps.VersionCategory Describes a version category.
google.gdata.maps.VersionEntry Describes a version entry.
google.gdata.maps.VersionFeed Describes a version feed.
google.gdata.mediarss.MediaCategory Describes a media category.
google.gdata.mediarss.MediaContent Describes a media content.
google.gdata.mediarss.MediaCopyright Describes a media copyright.
google.gdata.mediarss.MediaCredit Describes a media credit.
google.gdata.mediarss.MediaDescription Describes a media description.
google.gdata.mediarss.MediaGroup Describes a media group.
google.gdata.mediarss.MediaHash Describes a media hash.
google.gdata.mediarss.MediaKeywords Describes a media keywords.
google.gdata.mediarss.MediaPlayer Describes a media player.
google.gdata.mediarss.MediaRating Describes a media rating.
google.gdata.mediarss.MediaRestriction Describes a media restriction.
google.gdata.mediarss.MediaText Describes a media text.
google.gdata.mediarss.MediaThumbnail Describes a media thumbnail.
google.gdata.mediarss.MediaTitle Describes a media title.
google.gdata.MessageEntry Extension class for manipulating entries of the Message kind.
google.gdata.MessageFeed Describes a message feed.
google.gdata.MessageKind Describes a message kind.
google.gdata.Money Describes money.
google.gdata.Name Name of a person in a structured form.
google.gdata.NamePrefix Prefix to a person's name.
google.gdata.NameSuffix Suffix to a person's name.
google.gdata.Neighborhood Neighborhood.
google.gdata.opensearch.ItemsPerPage Describes the number of items that will be returned per page for paged feeds.
google.gdata.opensearch.StartIndex Describes the starting index of the contained entries for paged feeds.
google.gdata.opensearch.TotalResults Describes the total number of results associated with this feed.
google.gdata.Ordering Control ordering for a set of atom entries.
google.gdata.Organization Describes an organization (like Company).
google.gdata.OrgName Name of organization.
google.gdata.OrgTitle Position in organization.
google.gdata.OriginalEvent Describes a link to a recurring event.
google.gdata.PhoneNumber Describes a phone number.
google.gdata.PoBox P.O.
google.gdata.PostalAddress Describes a postal address.
google.gdata.PostCode Postal code.
google.gdata.QuotaBytesUsed The amount of quota consumed by the object.
google.gdata.Rating Describes a rating.
google.gdata.Recurrence Describes an RFC 2445 recurrence rule.
google.gdata.RecurrenceException Describes an exception to a recurring event.
google.gdata.RecurrenceExceptionEntry Describes an entry used by a recurrence exception entry link.
google.gdata.RecurrenceExceptionEntryLink Describes an entry link used by a recurrence exception.
google.gdata.Region Region is state, province, county (in Ireland), Land (in Germany), d?partement (in France), etc.
google.gdata.Reminder Describes a reminder on an event.
google.gdata.ResourceId Resource ID is the unique identifier of an entry within a given scope implied from the entry type.
google.gdata.sidewiki.EntriesNumber Number of Sidewiki entries written by this user.
google.gdata.sidewiki.SidewikiAuthor Sidewiki author.
google.gdata.sidewiki.SidewikiEntry Describes a Sidewiki entry in the feed of Sidewiki entries.
google.gdata.sidewiki.SidewikiEntryFeed Describes a feed of Sidewiki entries.
google.gdata.sidewiki.SidewikiEntryQuery Describes a query for the feed of Sidewiki entries.
google.gdata.sidewiki.SidewikiLink Extends the base Link class with Sidewiki extensions.
google.gdata.sidewiki.SidewikiService Google Sidewiki Data API service.
google.gdata.sidewiki.SidewikiThumbnail The thumbnail for a user portrait or the web page a Sidewiki entry is about.
google.gdata.sidewiki.SidewikiUserDescription The description of a user.
google.gdata.sidewiki.SidewikiUserEntry Describes a Sidewiki user entry.
google.gdata.sidewiki.SidewikiUserFeed Describes a feed of Sidewiki users.
google.gdata.sidewiki.SidewikiUserQuery Describes a query for the feed of Sidewiki users.
google.gdata.sidewiki.Source Describes a source.
google.gdata.Street Describes a street.
google.gdata.StructuredPostalAddress Describes a structured postal address.
google.gdata.Subregion Subregion is county (US), province (in Italy), etc.
google.gdata.threading.InReplyTo Indicates that this entry is a response to another resource.
google.gdata.threading.ThreadingLink Describes a threading link.
google.gdata.threading.Total Indicates total number of unique responses to an entry.
google.gdata.Transparency Describes the base set of values for event transparency.
google.gdata.Visibility Describes the base set of values for event visibility.
google.gdata.When Describes a period of time.
google.gdata.Where Describes a place (not necessarily a specific geographical location).
google.gdata.Who Describes a person associated with the containing entity.

GData JavaScript Client 2.0

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