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GData JavaScript Client Library

Class Summary
google.accounts.user Class representing state of an authenticated user session.
google.gdata.AclEntry Describes an entry in a feed of an access control list (ACL).
google.gdata.AclFeed Describes a feed of an access control list (ACL).
google.gdata.AclRole Describes the role of an entry in an access control list.
google.gdata.AclScope Describes the scope of an entry in an access control list.
google.gdata.AttendeeStatus Describes the status of an event attendee.
google.gdata.AttendeeType Describes the type of an event attendee.
google.gdata.calendar.AccessLevelProperty Describes how much a given user may do with an event or calendar.
google.gdata.calendar.CalendarAclEntry Describes an entry in a feed of a Calendar access control list (ACL).
google.gdata.calendar.CalendarAclFeed Describes a Calendar access contorl list (ACL) feed.
google.gdata.calendar.CalendarAclRole Describes the Calendar roles of an entry in the Calendar access control list.
google.gdata.calendar.CalendarCommentEntry Describes an entry in a feed of a Calendar event's comments.
google.gdata.calendar.CalendarCommentFeed Describes feed of a Calendar event's comments.
google.gdata.calendar.CalendarCommentQuery Describes a query for the feed of a calendar event's comments.
google.gdata.calendar.CalendarEntry Describes a Calendar entry in the feed of a user's calendars.
google.gdata.calendar.CalendarEventEntry Describes a Calendar event entry.
google.gdata.calendar.CalendarEventFeed Describes a Calendar event feed.
google.gdata.calendar.CalendarEventQuery Describes a query for the feed of a calendar's events.
google.gdata.calendar.CalendarFeed Describes a feed of Calendars.
google.gdata.calendar.CalendarLink Extends the base Link class with Calendar extensions.
google.gdata.calendar.CalendarRecurrenceException Describes an exception to a recurring Calendar event.
google.gdata.calendar.CalendarRecurrenceExceptionEntry Describes an entry used by a Calendar recurrence exception entry link.
google.gdata.calendar.CalendarRecurrenceExceptionEntryLink Describes an entry link used by a Calendar recurrence exception.
google.gdata.calendar.CalendarService Google Calendar service.
google.gdata.calendar.CalendarWho Extends the base Who class with Calendar extensions.
google.gdata.calendar.ColorProperty Describes the color of a calendar.
google.gdata.calendar.HiddenProperty Describes whether a calendar is hidden.
google.gdata.calendar.IcalUIDProperty Describes the UID in the ical export of the event.
google.gdata.calendar.OverrideNameProperty Describes the override name property of a calendar.
google.gdata.calendar.QuickAddProperty Describes whether gd:content is for quick-add processing.
google.gdata.calendar.ResourceProperty Describes whether gd:who is a resource such as a conference room.
google.gdata.calendar.SelectedProperty Describes whether a calendar is selected.
google.gdata.calendar.SendEventNotificationsProperty Describes whether to send event notifications to other participants of the event.
google.gdata.calendar.SequenceNumberProperty Describes sequence number of an event.
google.gdata.calendar.SyncEventProperty Describes whether this is a sync scenario where the Ical UID and Sequence number are honored during inserts and updates.
google.gdata.calendar.TimeZoneProperty Describes the time zone of a calendar.
google.gdata.calendar.WebContent A "web content" extension, which looks something like: <atom:link rel="" title="World Cup" href="" type="image/gif"> <gCal:webContent width="276" height="120" url=""/> </atom:link>.
google.gdata.calendar.WebContentGadgetPref Describes a single web content gadget preference.
google.gdata.Category Describes a category.
google.gdata.client.GoogleService GData Service.
google.gdata.client.Query Query.
google.gdata.client.Service Atom service.
google.gdata.Comments Describes a container of a feed link for comment entries.
google.gdata.Control Describes an Atom publication control status.
google.gdata.DateTime Represents a timestamp that is either a calendar date or a more specific time with millisecond precision.
google.gdata.Draft Value of the app:draft tag.
google.gdata.Email Describes an author's email address.
google.gdata.Entry Describes the base class for a GData entry.
google.gdata.EntryLink Describes a nested entry link.
google.gdata.EventEntry Describes an event entry.
google.gdata.EventStatus Describes the base set of values for event status.
google.gdata.ExtendedProperty Stores a limited amount of custom data as an auxiliary property of the enclosing entity.
google.gdata.Feed Describes the base class for a GData feed.
google.gdata.FeedLink Describes a nested feed link.
google.gdata.Generator Describes the generator.
google.gdata.Id Describes a unique identifier.
google.gdata.ItemsPerPage Describes the number of items that will be returned per page for paged feeds.
google.gdata.Link Describes an external link type.
google.gdata.Name Describes an author's human-readable name.
google.gdata.OriginalEvent Describes a link to a recurring event.
google.gdata.Person Describes a person construct used for authors and contributors.
google.gdata.Published Describes a creation timestamp.
google.gdata.Recurrence Describes an RFC 2445 recurrence rule.
google.gdata.RecurrenceException Describes an exception to a recurring event.
google.gdata.RecurrenceExceptionEntry Describes an entry used by a recurrence exception entry link.
google.gdata.RecurrenceExceptionEntryLink Describes an entry link used by a recurrence exception.
google.gdata.Reminder Describes a reminder on an event.
google.gdata.StartIndex Describes the starting index of the contained entries for paged feeds.
google.gdata.Text Describes a text construct containing either plain text, HTML, or XHTML.
google.gdata.TotalResults Describes the total number of results associated with this feed.
google.gdata.Transparency Describes the base set of values for event transparency.
google.gdata.Updated Describes a last updated timestamp.
google.gdata.Uri Describes the URI associated with an author.
google.gdata.Visibility Describes the base set of values for event visibility.
google.gdata.When Describes a period of time.
google.gdata.Where Describes a place (not necessarily a specific geographical location).
google.gdata.Who Describes a person associated with the containing entity.

GData JavaScript Client 1.0

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