For a list of all Google APIs, refer to the Google APIs directory.

APIs Explorer overview

The Google APIs Explorer is a tool for trying Google API methods without writing code. The APIs Explorer is available on most REST API method documentation pages.

By default, the APIs explorer appears on the right-hand side of the screen and in a collapsed, single-pane, mode:

Condensed APIs Explorer
Figure 1. Condensed APIs Explorer

The collapsed APIs explorer contains the following sections:

  • Request parameter fields (if required by the method).
  • A modifiable request body (if required by the method).
  • A credentials section letting you test the method with various credential types and scopes.
  • The Execute button used to execute the method.
  • The result (not shown).

Clicking fullscreen expands the APIs Explorer and displays an extra pane containing code samples and application/json and Raw HTTP responses:

Condensed APIs Explorer
Figure 2. Expanded API Explorer


The APIs Explorer uses its own credentials to make a request. You can't use custom credentials with the APIs Explorer.

Data formats

The APIs Explorer only supports JSON for responses and request payloads. Even if your API supports other data formats, these formats don't work in the APIs Explorer.

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