This developer site describes a standard schema for presenting elections data. It contains a UML (Unified Modeling Language) model of election data and an XML format derived from the UML model. It also contains background information regarding how political geography is structured and used as it relates to elections and election results. The data model is comprehensive and at the same time very flexible, able to accommodate pre-election, election and post-election scenarios.

The primary features of this specification are:

  • Major data elements and their attributes and associations defined in a UML data model
  • The data model can be used to generate supported data formats such as XML
  • Election data and results reported at flexible levels (aggregated or detailed)
  • The capability to support multiple types of identifiers and cross-references

Data schema

The schema includes a list of major entities shown below:

  • BallotSelection
    • CandidateSelection
    • PartySelection
  • Candidate
  • ContactInformation
  • Contest
    • CandidateContest
    • PartyContest
  • ElectionReport
  • Election
  • GpUnit
    • ReportingUnit
  • Person
  • Party
  • Office
  • VoteCounts