The Google Plugin for Eclipse is deprecated and will be removed in January 2018. Migrate to Cloud Tools for Eclipse and/or the GWT Eclipse Plugin as soon as possible to avoid disruption.

About the Google Plugin for Eclipse

The plugin helps developers create a rich user experience. It generates high quality Ajax code using GWT and deploys applications to the App Engine Standard environment. The plugin also works with Apps Script projects on Drive. These tools free developers to focus on creating great application logic.

The Google Plugin for Eclipse will not be supported past Eclipse 4.6 Neon. Developers may replace its functionality as follows:

What would you like to do?


Install the Google Plugin for Eclipse and start building great web apps that utilize Google technology.


Build rich web applications using Google APIs and App Engine.


Deploy your applications to the App Engine Standard environment with a single click.

New Web Application Wizard

Easily create an App Engine application.

Cloud SQL tooling

Use Cloud SQL as a database for your App Engine application

App Engine connected Android project Wizard

Use App Engine as a backend for your Android projects

Cloud Endpoints

Simple client access to App Engine backends

One-click deploy to App Engine

Update your apps at the push of a button

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Google Plugin for Eclipse