Google Plugin for Eclipse

the Google Plugin for Eclipse

Google Plugin for Eclipse

The Google Plugin for Eclipse is a set of software development tools that enables Java developers to quickly design, build, optimize, and deploy cloud-based applications.

The Google Plugin for Eclipse allows you to easily create and deploy App Engine applications. For simplifying App Engine development, the Google Plugin for Eclipse provides the following:

The Google Plugin for Eclipse also assists developers in efficiently creating a rich user experience, generating high quality Ajax code using the Google Web Toolkit and effortlessly deploying applications to the App Engine.

The Google Plugin for Eclipse also lets you import an Apps Script project from Drive and edit it in Eclipse, with changes automatically saved back to Drive.

These powerful tools remove tedium and free developers to focus on creating great application logic. The Google Plugin for Eclipse is the first suite of integrated development tools designed specifically for Eclipse Java developers to create fast, reliable and high quality applications for the Google cloud.

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Install the Google Plugin for Eclipse and start building great web apps that utilize Google technology. Build rich web applications using App Engine, Cloud SQL, Google APIs, GWT, and Project Hosting support. Deploy your applications to App Engine with a single click, and take advantage of Google's Cloud. Also, use App Engine as a backend for your Android application.

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