Google Earth API Release Notes

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See the Google Earth Release Notes section of the Google Earth Help Center for desktop client release notes.

January 26, 2012

Google Earth Plugin, version (Windows, Mac)

  • (Issue 591) Fixed issue with KMZs containing multiple KMLs
  • (Issue 675) Fixed issue with occasional whitescreen in Safari under OS X Lion
  • (Issue 677) Fixed issue with occasional crashes when parsing a KmlLinearRing
  • (Issue 720) Fixed issue with Firefox 9 and balloons
  • (Issue 701) Fixed an issue where the Plugin generated an "ATL 10.0" error while running on Internet Explorer versions 8 and 9.
  • (Issue 635) Fixed an issue where the Plugin wouldn't resize on Firefox version 4 and above on Mac.
  • Fixed an issue where the '-' key was not working on Plugin on Mac.
  • (Issue 672) Fixed an issue where the AJAX loader returned true for isSupported() on 64-bit browsers that are not supported.
  • Fixed the rendering order of imagery layers added through side databases.
  • Fixed an issue where 3D buildings did not update with changes in view when terrain is not visible.
  • Fixed issue with Icon heading.

September 20, 2011

Google Earth Plugin, version (Windows, Mac)

  • Added support for Opera.
  • (Issue 492) Fixed issue with Icon heading.

Google Earth API, version 1.009

  • Added GETourPlayer.setLoop.
  • Added GETourPlayer.getSpeed and GETourPlayer.setSpeed.
  • Added GETourPlayer.getControl.
  • Added GETourPlayerControl.getVisiblity and GETourPlayerControl.setVisiblity.

May 19, 2011

Google Earth Plugin, version (Windows, Mac)

  • Fixes to mouse click handling for OSX.

March 29, 2011

Google Earth Plugin, version (Windows, Mac)

  • Fixed a crash when getNormalStyleUrl was called on a StyleMap referencing a non-existent Style.
  • Fixed some issues using plugin on HTTPS sites.
  • Fixed disabling ground level navigation through API
  • No longer supporting OSX 10.4, Windows 2000, and PowerPC Macs.

Google Earth API, version 1.008

  • Added accessors to <gx:x>, <gx:y>, <gx:w> and <gx:h> icon offsets.

November 29, 2010

Google Earth Plugin, version (Windows, Mac)

  • Improved performance on Mac OS X 10.6 (Snow Leopard).
  • (Issue 444) Improved font rendering.

Google Earth API, version 1.007

  • (Issue 123) Added ability to enable/disable building selection and highlighting through mouse input in GEOptions.
  • New class KmlViewerOptions, to set global render state (Historical Imagery, StreetView, and Sun).
  • Added ability to enable/disable street view in GENavigationControl.
  • Added ability to enable/disable automatic transition to ground level view in GEOptions.
  • Added ability to enable/disable 3d tree rendering through new layer LAYER_TREES.
  • Added altitudeOffset functionality to KmlLinearRing and KmlLineString. This allows ability to set altitude for all vertices through a single function call.
  • Added copyAsLookAt and copyAsCamera conversion to KmlAbstractView.

September 3, 2010

Google Earth Plugin, version (Windows, Mac)

  • Bug fix for possible crash when entering sky mode.

Google Earth API, version 1.006

  • Added GETimeControl.getAvailableImageDates.

August 5, 2010

Google Earth Plugin, version (Windows, Developer Channel release)

  • (Issue 481) Fixed polygon overlay rendering issues when using Direct X renderer mode.
  • (Issue 268) Bug fixes for models occasionally not rendering completely.
  • Draw order of ground overlays and polygons restored to behave similarly to versions 5.0 and 5.1.

June 14, 2010

Google Earth Plugin, version (Windows, Mac)

  • Improved polygon rendering.
  • (Issue 417) Bug fixes for polygons and image overlays spanning date-line/anti-meridian.
  • Bug fixes to allow getting closer to 3D models.
  • Bug fixes for anti-aliased lines and points.

Google Earth API, version 1.005

  • (Issue 235) Toggle Historical imagery.
  • (Issue 177) Create timestamps and timespans.
  • (Issue 202) Set visibility of time UI.
  • (Issue 208, 143, 381, 419, 396) Set plug-in's clock rate.
  • (Issue 392, 60) Improved accessors, including new KmlObject.getUrl, KmlFeature.getComputedStyle, KmlFeatureContainer.getElementbyUrl, KmlFeatureContainer.getElementbyId, KmlFeatureContainer.getElementsbyType and KmlDocument.getElementsByStyleUrl.
  • (Issue 16, 97) Improved access for balloon content using KmlFeature.getBalloonDescription, KmlFeature.getBalloonHtml, and KmlFeature.getBalloonHtmlUnsafe.

May 7, 2010

Google Earth Plugin, version (Windows, Mac)

  • Fixed an issue with mac keyboard commands.
  • Fixed an issue with occasional freezing on startup.

March 22, 2010

Google Earth Plugin, version (Windows, Mac)

  • Improved startup time.
  • Made numerous fixes and performance improvements in balloon behavior.
  • Improved Mac performance.
  • Fixed occasional Firefox on-exit crashes.
  • Removed IE security warning after new plugin installs.
  • Improved performance of 3D buildings feature.
  • (Issue 141) Hiding the plugin's DOM node container or its ancestors no longer destroys the plugin
  • (Issue 210, 264) Improved handling of keyboard events on IE8.

Google Earth API, version 1.004

  • KmlPhotoOverlay now inherits from KmlOverlay
  • Added Geolocation to screen location: GEView.project
  • Added KmlLayerRoot.getDrawOrder and setDrawOrder
  • Added KmlFeature.getComputedStyle
  • Control animation effect on placemark load: GEOptions.getFadeInOutEnabled and GEOptions.setFadeInOutEnabled
  • (Issue 8) Added GENavigationControl.getControlType and GENavigationControl.setControlType
  • (Issue 15) Added GEOptions.getUnitsFeetMiles and GEOptions.setUnitsFeetMiles
  • (Issue 50) Added GEOptions.getTerrainExaggeration and setTerrainExaggeration
  • (Issue 90, 297) Added

January 26, 2010

Google Earth Plugin, version 5.1.7938.4346 (Windows, Mac)

  • (Issue 332) Fixed a regression pertaining to line string visibility.

December 16, 2009

Google Earth Plugin, version 5.1.7894.7252 (Windows, Mac)

  • (Issue 336) Mac OS X 10.6 (Snow Leopard) and the 64-bit version of Safari are now officially supported.

November 18, 2009

Google Earth Plugin, version 5.1.3533.1731 (Windows, Mac)

  • The Google Earth Plugin is now available as part of the Google Earth desktop client installer on Mac, as well as Windows.
  • The Google Earth Plugin installer for Mac has been split into Intel-only and Universal versions. End users will be automatically directed to the correct installer for their computer architecture.
  • (Issue 131) Icon headings should now behave as expected, and consistent with the Google Earth desktop client.
  • (Issue 270) KmlFeature.getKml can now return arbitrarily long KML strings.
  • (Issue 329) Fixed a bug where placemark label visibility was unpredictable when using region fade extents.
  • (KML Issue 310) Fixed a bug where placemarks in region-based network link structures blinked on camera zoom.
  • Enterprise customers: Default layer visibility is now properly honored for alternate databases.
  • Enterprise customers: HTTPS is now fully supported.

September 22, 2009

Google Earth Plugin, version 5.1.3509.4636 (Windows, Mac)

  • (Issue 331) Fixed a bug that caused KML content fetches to fail for slow connections and very large files.

September 9, 2009

Google Earth Plugin, version 5.1.3506.3999 (Windows, Mac)

  • The Google Earth Plugin is now available as part of the Google Earth desktop client installer on Windows.
  • Startup time is significantly improved, especially for users that load Earth API sites multiple times.
  • Overall plugin performance has been improved; see the Google Earth Release Notes for more details.
  • Earth API performance on Windows is significantly improved.
  • (Issue 59) Fixed a bug that caused placemarks in interval and view-based refresh network links to be duplicated upon user interaction.
  • (Issue 233) Features should now be completely removed after their containers are removed.
  • (Issue 108) The Google Earth Plugin should now respect browser focus and blur on Windows and GEWindow.focus and GEWindow.blur now behave as expected. Note that this bug is still present on Mac.
  • (Issue 131) Icon headings should now behave as expected, and consistent with the Google Earth desktop client.
  • (Issue 147) Fixed a bug where certain KML features would not appear in the plugin view until the user moused over the plugin window.
  • (Issue 139) Implemented a workaround for a layout bug in Internet Explorer 7 and 8 that caused improperly sized balloons.
  • (Issue 95) Google Earth layers such as LAYER_BORDERS should no longer prevent mouse events from being triggered.
  • (Issue 310) The navigation control should now behave correctly when set to VISIBILITY_AUTO and positioned at a non-default location.

Google Earth API, version 1.003

  • Added GETourPlayer.getCurrentTime and GETourPlayer.setCurrentTime.
  • Added GETourPlayer.getDuration.
  • Added for batching Earth API calls.
  • Added KmlListStyle.getListItemType.
  • (Issue 253) Added KmlObject.release to invoke JavaScript garbage collection and allow reuse of object IDs.
  • (Issue 133) Added KmlFeature.getOpacity (experimental) and KmlFeature.setOpacity (experimental).

June 30, 2009

Google Earth API Update

  • Internet Explorer 8 is now officially supported.

June 23, 2009

Google Earth Plugin, version 5.0.11738.1858 (Windows, Mac)

  • (Issue 188) Fixed event handler and related bugs in Internet Explorer 8.
  • Fixed balloon related bugs in Internet Explorer 8.

Note: Internet Explorer 8 support will be reenabled in the next few days. Developers can test their Earth API sites for IE8 compatibility by appending #geplugin_browserok to the URL.

Google Earth API Update

  • Improved internal HTML DOM structure for better DOCTYPE support, resulting in layout improvements in Internet Explorer 6.

May 27, 2009

Google Earth Plugin, version 5.0.11737.2027 (Windows, Mac)

  • Fixed a bug where mouse event handling temporarily broke if the camera was programmatically changed during user interaction (such as panning).
  • Balloon positions are now more properly updated during camera movement.
  • OpenGL performance has been improved.
  • 3D building performance has been improved.
  • (KML Issue 242) LOD calculation is now correct for non-square regions.
  • (Issue 119) GEPlugin.parseKml now supports Unicode strings.

March 31, 2009

Google Earth Plugin, version 5.0.11655.6079 (Windows, Mac)

  • The ocean surface and underwater terrain are now visible.
  • (Issue 7) KML containing time primitives (<TimeStamp> and <TimeSpan>) content will now invoke the time slider UI upon being loaded into the plugin.
  • (Issue 75) GEPlugin.parseKml now accepts arbitrarily long KML strings.
  • (Issue 99) Sunlight and nighttime now appear at their real-time positions when turned on using the GESun interface.
  • (Issue 118) 16-bit PNG images are now rendered properly on both Windows and Mac.
  • (Issue 148) GEView.copyAsLookAt now returns the expected heading value in all cases.

Google Earth API, version 1.002

  • (Issue 43) Added GEPhotoOverlayViewer and KmlPhotoOverlay for programmatically entering and exiting photo overlays.
  • (Issue 180) Added GETourPlayer and KmlTour for programmatic tour playback.
  • (Issue 47) Added LAYER_BUILDINGS_LOW_RESOLUTION for enabling or disabling the gray buildings layer.
  • (Issue 42) Added GEView.getViewportGlobeBounds for querying the current viewport's bounding box.
  • (Issue 10) Added viewchangebegin, viewchange, and viewchangeend events to the GEView interface.
  • (Issue 49) Added GEView.hitTest for querying information about a given screen point inside the plugin viewport.
  • (Issue 27) Added GEPlugin.getStreamingPercent for querying the terrain and imagery streaming progress.
  • (Issue 181) The Google Earth API can now connect to the Mars database ( via the database parameter in
  • (Issue 74) The Google Earth API can now connect to Google Earth Server instances via the database parameter in Contact Google Earth Enterprise support for more details.

Google Earth API Update

  • Support for Internet Explorer 8 was temporarily disabled due to an issue with in that browser. We are working to enable full support for Internet Explorer 8 as soon as possible.
  • February 19, 2009

    Google Earth API Update

    • Google Chrome 1.0+ is now officially supported.

      Note: There is a Chromium issue that causes Chrome to temporarily hang when alert/prompt dialogs are opened in an API callback or event handler routine. The workaround is to wrap all calls to alert or prompt in a setTimeout, as is demonstrated in the Fetch Bad KML sample.

    January 16, 2009

    Google Earth API Update

    • A fix for (Issue 141) was reverted due to various browser compatibility issues. The bug is currently open and a workaround has been posted in the comments.

    December 19, 2008

    Google Earth Plugin, version 4.3.11528.8566 (Windows, Mac)

    • The Google Earth Plugin for Mac installation package is now ~38% smaller in size (29.1 MB).
    • The Google Earth Plugin for Mac Uninstaller is now bundled with the installation package.
    • Added a note about the use of Google Software Update in the Google Earth Plugin for Mac installation package.
    • Fixed a crash related to 3D buildings.
    • (Issue 113) Fixed a bug that caused placemark labels to rotate with icons when the icons had a heading.
    • (Issue 107) Fixed a bug that caused placemarks to be unclickable if their icon had a non-centered hotSpot.
    • (Issue 109) Fixed a bug that caused frameend events to be fired persistently on Mac.
    • (Issue 114) Fixed a bug that caused higher than normal system resource utilization.

    December 4, 2008

    Google Earth Plugin Installation Update (Mac)

    December 3, 2008

    Google Earth Plugin, version 4.3.11498.3261 (Windows, Mac)

    • Launch of the Google Earth Browser Plugin for Mac OS X
    • Startup time on Windows has been improved.
    • KML/KMZ parsing and rendering speed has been improved.
    • XML Namespaces are now supported during KML parsing.
    • (Issue 66) Polygons and line strings are now interactive and mouse events on these geometries can now be listened to using
    • (Issue 76) Fixed a bug that caused a 'Could not create folder' error message upon plugin instantiation if there were spaces in the logged in user's username.
    • (Issue 59) Fixed a bug that caused placemarks in interval-refresh Network Links to be duplicated upon user interaction.

    November 13, 2008

    Google Earth Plugin, version 4.3.9685.8774 (Windows)

    • Fixed a bug that caused sky mode imagery to disappear.

    November 4, 2008

    Google Earth API Update

    • In Internet Explorer, there is no longer a 'Line: 128, Unspecified error' message upon browser close with Script Debugging turned on.

    October 17, 2008

    Google Earth API Update

    • Earth plugin instances no longer crash when the container DOM node or its ancestors are hidden.
    • The 'Loading' spinner animation now uses cleaner CSS, preventing conflicts with page stylesheets.

    Previous Releases

    Google Earth Plugin, version 4.3.9684.6498 (Windows)

    • In Internet Explorer, the Google Earth Plugin no longer crashes the browser upon page refresh or browser close.

    Google Earth Plugin, version 4.3.9679.1761 (Windows)

    • The Google Earth Plugin now uses NPAPI on Firefox instead of XPCom.
    • Browser restart is no longer required after installing the plugin.
    • The 'Loading...' message has been replaced in favor of a vertically and horizontally centered animated 'loading' icon.

    Google Earth Plugin, version 4.3.9597.9390 (Windows)

    This document describes the additions and changes in version 4.3.9597.9390 of the Google Earth Plugin and API:

    • Under VMWare, when using DirectX, Google Earth Plugin now loads and CPU utilization is improved.
    • Firefox, version 3.1 alpha is now supported.
    • Maps API integration with the Google Earth API was not working with Internet Explorer, version 6. It now works in all supported browsers.
    • LinearRing coordinate count is reported correctly.
    • Google Earth Plugin works with Windows 2000 operating system.
    • When you CTRL-Left click on a polygon, the pop-up menu no longer appears.
    • The Maps API example's placemark balloon stays open when you click on it.
    • Mouse-up and Click events are correctly triggered when over the plug-in window.
    • Mouse events now occur during fly-to.
    • The Google Earth Plugin error page displays properly in Internet Explorer, version 6.x.
    • The Google Earth Plugin no longer closes and opens a new process when refreshed if video drivers are not loaded.
    • The Google Earth Plugin uses OpenGL mode when DirectX initialization fails.

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