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KmlIconStyle getIconStyle ()
KmlLabelStyle getLabelStyle ()
KmlLineStyle getLineStyle ()
KmlListStyle getListStyle ()
KmlPolyStyle getPolyStyle ()
KmlBalloonStyle getBalloonStyle ()

Detailed Description

Defines the icon, label, line, list, polygon, and balloon styles.

Member Function Documentation

Specifies how icons for point placemarks are drawn in Google Earth.

Specifies how the name of a feature is drawn in the 3D viewer. A custom color, color mode, and scale for the label (name) can be specified.

Specifies the drawing style (color, color mode, and line width) for line geometry. Line geometry includes the outlines of outlined polygons and the extruded tether of Placemark icons (if extrusion is enabled).

Specifies the style for list geometry.

Specifies the drawing style for polygons, including polygon extrusions (which look like the walls of buildings) and line extrusions (which look like solid fences).

Specifies the drawing style for balloons.

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