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KmlCoordArray getCoordinates ()
void setAltitudeOffset (double altitudeOffset)
double getAltitudeOffset ()

Detailed Description

Defines a connected set of line segments. Use KmlLineStyle to specify the color, color mode, and width of the line. When a LineString is extruded, the line is extended to the ground, forming a polygon that looks somewhat like a wall or fence. For extruded LineStrings, the line itself uses the current LineStyle, and the extrusion uses the current PolyStyle.

Member Function Documentation

Two or more coordinate tuples, each consisting of floating point values for longitude, latitude, and altitude. The altitude component is optional.

void KmlLineString.setAltitudeOffset ( double  altitudeOffset)

Added to the altitude values for all points on the line string. Adjusts the altitude of the feature as a whole, without the need to update each coordinate set.

Returns the altitudeOffset, or 0 if not set.

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