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void preventDefault ()
void stopPropagation ()
GEEventEmitter getTarget ()
GEEventEmitter getCurrentTarget ()
GEEventPhaseEnum getEventPhase ()
bool getBubbles ()
bool getCancelable ()

Detailed Description

The event object used with all KMLObjects. For more information about events, see the Document Object Model Events specification at http:

Member Function Documentation

Cancels the default action of the event. For example, calling this method in a placemark click handler prevents the placemark's default balloon from popping up.

Prevents event propagation. For example, if click event handlers are set up on both the GEGlobe and GEWindow objects, and stopPropagation is called in the GEGlobe click event handler, the GEWindow event handler will not be triggered when the globe is clicked.

The object to which the KMLEvent was originally dispatched.

The target whose event listeners are currently being processed.

GEEventPhaseEnum KmlEvent.getEventPhase ( )

The current stage of the flow of events.

Indicates whether or not an event is a bubbling event.

Indicates whether the event can be cancelled.

Currently, cancelable has no effect.

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