GETime Interface Reference

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Public Member Functions

void setRate (double rate)
double getRate ()
KmlTimeStamp getSystemTime ()
GETimeControl getControl ()
bool getHistoricalImageryEnabled ()
void setHistoricalImageryEnabled (bool historicalImageryEnabled)
KmlTimePrimitive getTimePrimitive ()
void setTimePrimitive (KmlTimePrimitive timePrimitive)

Detailed Description

Controls time in the plugin.

Member Function Documentation

void GETime.setRate ( double  rate)

Set the plugin's clock rate. A value of 1 corresponds with real time; to pass one year in the plugin for every real second, set the rate to 31536000 (60 times 60 times 24 times 365).

double GETime.getRate ( )

Get the current plugin clock rate.

Returns the current computer clock time as a KmlTimeStamp object.

Returns the GETimeControl object; this is the time slider.

Whether or not historical imagery is enabled.

void GETime.setHistoricalImageryEnabled ( bool  historicalImageryEnabled)

Turn historical imagery on or off. For more information, read the Time chapter of the Developer's Guide.

Get the current plugin time as a KmlTimeStamp or KmlTimeSpan.

void GETime.setTimePrimitive ( KmlTimePrimitive  timePrimitive)

Sets the current plugin time.

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