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The Earth Engine tutorials and documentation are designed to help you get started with common analyses, but learning how to harness Earth Engine's power for specific analyses can be challenging. Fortunately, there are online communities that can help to get your questions answered. This page describes various types of issues that can arise, and suggested methods for interacting with the communities.

Technical questions

For technical questions, first be sure to review the debugging guide which describes commonly encountered issues and strategies for overcoming them. If you have reviewed the debugging guide and need additonal help, here are some options.

Stack Exchange

Geographic Information Systems (GIS) Stack Exchange is a place to ask technical implementation questions (e.g. How can I overlay polygons on images with Earth Engine?). Earth Engine specific questions are organized by the google-earth-engine product tag. (If you hover on the tag, you can see an option to 'subscribe' to it.) Note that Stack Exchange aims "to create a lasting record of great solutions to questions." Stack Exchange provides a great overview of what types of questions are and are not a good fit for Stack Exchange. As general guidance, questions related to the following are appropriate on Stack Exchange:

  • A specific programming problem
  • How to do things in Earth Engine
  • Getting help debugging an existing script

Be sure to search Stack Exchange for questions similar to your own before asking a new question!

The Earth Engine Developers' list

The Earth Engine developers' list is another option for getting help on specific problems. Questions related to errors such as "Internal Server Error," "Computation timed out," "User memory limit exceeded" and/or "Too many concurrent aggregations" should be directed to the developers' list. While there may be a code-based solution to this type of error, they could also result from queries that are ill-formed for the Earth Engine architecture.

Before starting a new thread, be sure to search the list since many commonly asked questions have already been answered.

How to ask questions

Whether you direct your question to Stack Exchange or the developers' list, you are more likely to get help if you can simplify your question (and code!) to illustrate the core issue. Very long scripts (hundreds of lines) are much more difficult to debug for someone unfamiliar with your analysis, so it's good practice to isolate the issue in a few lines of code (if possible).

Dataset Requests

To suggest a dataset for the Earth Engine public data catalog, use the dataset request list. Note that from the Code Editor, you can get to the dataset request list by clicking the Help button, then Suggest a dataset.

Bug Reports

If using the Code Editor, bug reports can be sent by clicking the Help button, then Send feedback. Note that you should not expect any response to feedback sent to Google in this manner. If you need a response, are not using the Code Editor or are unsure whether the behavior you are experiencing is a bug, please post the question to the developers' list.

Feature Requests

If you would like to suggest a new feature for Earth Engine, please suggest it on the issues page of the Earth Engine GitHub repository.

General Discussion

Other topics relevant to Earth Engine community that do not fit into one of the preceding categories can be posted to the Earth Engine developers' list. Examples include general discussions, announcements (papers, workshops, funding opportunities, jobs), etc.

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