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Resource representations

An item with user information and settings.

  "kind": "drive#about",
  "etag": etag,
  "selfLink": string,
  "name": string,
  "user": {
    "kind": "drive#user",
    "displayName": string,
    "picture": {
      "url": string
    "isAuthenticatedUser": boolean,
    "permissionId": string,
    "emailAddress": string
  "quotaBytesTotal": long,
  "quotaBytesUsed": long,
  "quotaBytesUsedAggregate": long,
  "quotaBytesUsedInTrash": long,
  "quotaType": string,
  "quotaBytesByService": [
      "serviceName": string,
      "bytesUsed": long
  "largestChangeId": long,
  "remainingChangeIds": long,
  "rootFolderId": string,
  "domainSharingPolicy": string,
  "permissionId": string,
  "importFormats": [
      "source": string,
      "targets": [
  "exportFormats": [
      "source": string,
      "targets": [
  "additionalRoleInfo": [
      "type": string,
      "roleSets": [
          "primaryRole": string,
          "additionalRoles": [
  "features": [
      "featureName": string,
      "featureRate": double
  "maxUploadSizes": [
      "type": string,
      "size": long
  "isCurrentAppInstalled": boolean,
  "languageCode": string,
  "folderColorPalette": [
Property name Value Description Notes
kind string This is always drive#about.
etag etag The ETag of the item.
name string The name of the current user.
quotaBytesTotal long The total number of quota bytes.
quotaBytesUsed long The number of quota bytes used by Google Drive.
quotaBytesUsedInTrash long The number of quota bytes used by trashed items.
largestChangeId long The largest change id.
remainingChangeIds long The number of remaining change ids.
rootFolderId string The id of the root folder.
domainSharingPolicy string The domain sharing policy for the current user. Possible values are:
importFormats[] list The allowable import formats.
importFormats[].source string The imported file's content type to convert from.
importFormats[].targets[] list The possible content types to convert to.
exportFormats[] list The allowable export formats.
exportFormats[].source string The content type to convert from.
exportFormats[].targets[] list The possible content types to convert to.
additionalRoleInfo[] list Information about supported additional roles per file type. The most specific type takes precedence.
additionalRoleInfo[].type string The content type that this additional role info applies to.
additionalRoleInfo[].roleSets[] list The supported additional roles per primary role.
additionalRoleInfo[].roleSets[].primaryRole string A primary permission role.
additionalRoleInfo[].roleSets[].additionalRoles[] list The supported additional roles with the primary role.
features[] list List of additional features enabled on this account.
features[].featureName string The name of the feature.
features[].featureRate double The request limit rate for this feature, in queries per second.
maxUploadSizes[] list List of max upload sizes for each file type. The most specific type takes precedence.
maxUploadSizes[].type string The file type.
maxUploadSizes[].size long The max upload size for this type.
permissionId string The current user's ID as visible in the permissions collection.
isCurrentAppInstalled boolean A boolean indicating whether the authenticated app is installed by the authenticated user.
user nested object The authenticated user.
user.kind string This is always drive#user.
user.displayName string A plain text displayable name for this user.
user.picture object The user's profile picture.
user.picture.url string A URL that points to a profile picture of this user.
user.isAuthenticatedUser boolean Whether this user is the same as the authenticated user for whom the request was made.
quotaBytesUsedAggregate long The number of quota bytes used by all Google apps (Drive, Picasa, etc.).
user.permissionId string The user's ID as visible in the permissions collection.
user.emailAddress string The email address of the user.
quotaBytesByService[] list The amount of storage quota used by different Google services.
quotaBytesByService[].serviceName string The service's name, e.g. DRIVE, GMAIL, or PHOTOS.
quotaBytesByService[].bytesUsed long The storage quota bytes used by the service.
languageCode string The user's language or locale code, as defined by BCP 47, with some extensions from Unicode's LDML format (http://www.unicode.org/reports/tr35/).
quotaType string The type of the user's storage quota. Possible values are:
folderColorPalette[] list The palette of allowable folder colors as RGB hex strings.


Gets the information about the current user along with Drive API settings

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