Reminder: v201702 will be sunset on February 28, 2018.

enum ReportError.Reason (v201711)

Enumeration Description
DEFAULT Default ReportError when the reason is not among any already defined.
REPORT_ACCESS_NOT_ALLOWED User does not have permission to access the report.
DIMENSION_VIEW_NOT_ALLOWED User does not have permission to view one or more Dimension.
ATTRIBUTE_VIEW_NOT_ALLOWED User has no permission to view one or more attributes.
COLUMN_VIEW_NOT_ALLOWED User does not have permission to view one or more Column.
TOO_MANY_CONCURRENT_REPORTS The user has exceeded the limit on the number of reports that can be run concurrently. The current limit is 30 per user.
REPORT_QUERY_TOO_LONG The report query exceeds the maximum allowed number of characters.
INVALID_OPERATION_FOR_REPORT_STATE Invalid report job state for the given operation.
INVALID_DIMENSIONS Invalid Dimension objects specified.
INVALID_ATTRIBUTES The attribute ID(s) are not valid.
INVALID_CONTENT_HIERARCHY_DIMENSIONS The API error when running the report with ContentHierarchyDimension. There are three reasons for this error.
  1. ReportQuery.dimensions contains Dimension.CONTENT_HIERARCHY, but ReportQuery.contentMetadataHierarchyCustomTargetingKeyIds is empty.
  2. ReportQuery.contentMetadataHierarchyCustomTargetingKeyIds is non-empty, but ReportQuery.dimensions does not contain Dimension.CONTENT_HIERARCHY.
  3. The ReportQuery.contentMetadataKeyHierarchyCustomTargetingKeyIds specified along with the Dimension.CONTENT_HIERARCHY are not valid, i.e., these IDs are not defined in the content hierarchy by the publisher.
INVALID_COLUMNS Invalid Column objects specified.
INVALID_DIMENSION_FILTERS Invalid DimensionFilter objects specified.
INVALID_DATE Invalid date.
END_DATE_TIME_NOT_AFTER_START_TIME The start date for running the report should not be later than the end date.
START_DATE_MORE_THAN_THREE_YEARS_AGO The start date for running the report should not be more than three years before now.
NOT_NULL The list of Dimension and Column objects cannot be empty.
ATTRIBUTES_NOT_SUPPORTED_FOR_REQUEST Attribute has to be selected in combination with dimensions.
COLUMNS_NOT_SUPPORTED_FOR_REQUESTED_DIMENSIONS Not all Column objects requested are supported for the given set of Dimension objects.
FAILED_TO_STORE_REPORT Failed to store/cache a report.
REPORT_NOT_FOUND The requested report does not exist.
SR_CANNOT_RUN_REPORT_IN_ANOTHER_NETWORK User has no permission to view in another network.
UNKNOWN The value returned if the actual value is not exposed by the requested API version.

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