Manifest Reference

The manifest (appsscript.json) is a JSON file in your Apps Script connector project. It contains certain information about your Community Connector that is required to deploy and use your connector in Data Studio.

Data Studio specific information

The manifest should contain following information under the datastudio key:

Attribute name Type Description
name string Name of your connector.
Limited to 28 characters
company string Name of the organization or developer.
companyUrl string (link) Link to the organization or developer's website.
logoUrl string (image link) The URL to an icon for your connector.
The required dimensions are 40px by 40px.
addonUrl string (link) Link to a dedicated 'Learn More' page that should explain what your connector does and the data it accesses. You should host and maintain this page.
This page must contain or link to your Terms of Service and Privacy Policy.
supportUrl string (link) Link to the support page or email for supporting this connector. Users should be able to report issues with your connector at this link. You should host and maintain this page.
description string The description for your connector.
Note that only the first 155 characters of the description will be visible in the Gallery. Users will see the full description in your connector configuration page.
sources List (string) The list of data sources that this connector can connect to.
Title case capitalization is recommended.
templates Object List of templates that can be used with this connector. Only one default template is supported, identified by setting a default key. The value should be the report ID for the Data Studio report that will be used as the template. See guide on [Providing report templates](/datastudio/connector/report-templates).

You will not be able to save the manifest if you do not provide all the required information.

Example manifest

The following is an example of a completed manifest:

  "dataStudio": {
    "name": "Nucleus by Hooli",
    "company": "Hooli Inc.",
    "companyUrl": "",
    "logoUrl": "",
    "addonUrl": "",
    "supportUrl": "",
    "description": "Connect to your data using Nucleus middle out optimization",
    "sources": ["Hooli Chat Log", "Endframe Server Stream", "Retinabyte User Analytics"],
    "templates": {
      "default": "872223s89f5fdkjnd983kjf"

Automatic entry for external libraries

If you add any external library to your connector, Apps Script will automatically add entries to your manifest file under the dependencies key. These entries should not be removed if you want to use the external library in your connector.

For example, the automatic manifest entry for the OAuth2 for Apps Script will be similar to this:

  "dependencies": {
    "libraries": [{
      "userSymbol": "OAuth2",
      "libraryId": "1B7FSrk5Zi6L1rSxxTDgDEUsPzlukDsi4KGuTMorsTQHhGBzBkMun4iDF",
      "version": "21"
  "dataStudio": {