Travel Search Results with Custom Search Ads

Search ads for every traveler.
Every traveler has a destination in mind along with specific needs for flights, hotels, cars, and more. By using Custom Search Ads on your search result pages you can use the same query to target ads that you're already using to deliver great results.
More Relevance = More Revenue
When users search for 'Flights to San Francisco' or 'Hotels in New York' you can now use that same query to deliver the right ads to every search.
This means more relevant ads for your users and more revenue for you.
As seen on Google
Leverage Google's familiar search ad formats and our partner search network of over one million advertisers.
You'll continue to benefit as we create new ad extensions to provide users with information such as location, product images,
page links, and merchant information.
Completely Customizable
You customize the shape, size, number, and color of the ads to match your existing travel search results.
Custom Search Ads fit your layouts, not the other way around.