Google Cloud Platform

Mobile Backend Starter

The easiest way for mobile developers to get started on Google Cloud Platform

  • Optional server-side coding: Control your cloud service using Android and iOS client libraries.
  • Cloud Datastore: Store millions of objects in the cloud and manage them from your app.
  • Push Notifications: Send and broadcast objects as messages via Apple Push Notifications and Google Cloud Messaging.
  • Event Driven Programming: Create real-time interactive user experiences using Continuous Queries.
  • User authentication Authenticate users using Google Accounts.
  • Per-object access: Prevent users from accessing private data using our authentication model.
  • Built to scale: Mobile backend runs on App Engine infrastructure to scale to millions of users within hours (App Engine pricing applies).

The mobile backend starter sample provides a ready-to-deploy, general purpose cloud backend along with Android and iOS clients with client-side framework classes. Together, these free you from learning how to code for the cloud, so you can focus on your mobile app behavior and UI.

The sample also provides Android and iOS Guestbook apps to illustrate the functionality of the client framework classes and how to interact with the backend. The sample Guestbook app allows you to send messages to other instances of the app. You can easily replace this minor Android / iOS client UI and logic with your own, while continuing to use those very same framework classes to support any required datastore interactions. The backend datastore is schema-less and flexible: it can accept whatever entity data is sent to it by clients using the classes provided and is not restricted to the data entities used in the sample apps.

  Get Started

  1. Deploy the backend.
  2. Run the Android sample.
  3. Run the iOS sample.

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